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Milly Bossert (Guest) 09/17/2010 13:15
Hello Brian, I have been listening to DAB since January 2007 and thoroughly appreciate your devotion to reading the bible and bringing the word of God daily into my life. I too have been profoundly changed from the inside out by the word of God. It seemed so difficult to make time to sit and read; but being able to listen while driving to work, while at work, driving home from work has and will continue to be an enjoyable daily experience. The word of God has become deeply rooted into my heart and every day walk of life. Thank you so much for your dedication, for opening the "door" and encouraging my own dedication to Christ, making the Bible come alive in my life. I always look forward to both you and Jill reading the Song of Songs, so beautiful and moving when you read together.
notes4neta (Guest) 09/17/2010 13:48
Enjoyed your interview thoroughly. So thankful that I happened upon the Daily Audio Bible a year and a half ago.
Miss-C (Guest) 09/17/2010 15:46
Great interview. I really enjoy listening to the DAB and enjoy the insite that you have in the Bible. Thank you and keep up the Good Work!

Karen Sorenson (Guest) 09/17/2010 18:38
Thank You Brian,
I heard about DAB on this interview. After it was over I went directly to your site, listened to your reading dated September 16th, 2010 and prayed for the 2 individuals that had prayer requests. This lead into prayers for my family members, and before I knew it I had an amazing encounter with God. Very spirit filled, extremely emotional, AND by the time God was done.....I was exhausted, but had so much peace. I just finished my second reading with you, and I have told a couple of people about the website already. Once again, thank you so much. I sometimes have challenges focusing on reading scripture daily. It has been one of my deepest desires, and now I am so excited to be able to do it in community with you and so many others. When I think of the prayer requests, and knowing that 40 million + are praying that is absolutely mind boggling! Thank you! Bless You!
Jenna in Austin 09/17/2010 20:25
Brian, I thank God for you. I love hearing your voice every day and I love reading God's word every day. Thank you for bringing me closer to my Lord.

Great interview!
George-senior producer 100 H.S (Guest) 09/18/2010 04:45
So good to have met you in the studio last week. I have been aware of you from back in your record producing days. Although I am an avid music junkie, I can't begin to tell you how I value where God has taken you. I am looking forward to the featured journalistic report that we will air on 100 Huntley Street down the road. We will be sure to get back to you as to when it will go to air. Also lets keep praying about a citizen journalism link that we may engage in Lord willing. Bless your fall all you do.
Joe 09/18/2010 16:24

The word of God is life transforming! This has been a great discovery for me after being a "christian" for years....Thanks for your ministry and this interview is great!
Rebecca 09/19/2010 06:03

Words can not adequately express how thankful/relieved/proud I am to be a part of this ministry. I feel like family that undergirds, supports, listens, reacts and responds to the DAB ministry. I admire you and Jill for responding to the leading of God...thank you so much Hardin family for podcasting God's nourishment into my spirit...we are blessed!!!

Rebecca Hemple
Anita Stowers (Guest) 09/19/2010 11:45
Thank you, Brian for your continued commitment to The Daily Audio Bible and all of us who listen. You are a blessing.

Anita Stowers
Kris 09/19/2010 13:47
That interview was wonderful. I thank God everyday for leading me to the Daily Audio Bible podcast. Thank you Brian for your ministry and the work it takes to make it happen.

Kris Mansfield
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