October 09 - TRAFFIC

Hi everyone it's Phillip. Every time I listen to the DAB podcast I'm appetized by the coffee that Brian advertises so well. I WANT SOME! LOL. I need to get my finances right and when I do I'll be purchasing some. The cause that the money goes to will warm me up just as much as the coffee. My prayers go out to those suffering so I don't mind supporting the people who are in need. I'm in Ohio and it's cold here so coffee's a good idea but so is my donation. It would make me feel good. My life is changing. I learned about tithing and offering. Giving is important to me. I think it's why we get blessed in the fist place. It would make me smile to see that come in the mail though. Thanks for all your prayers out there you guys. My Life's improving each day.
phillip 02/13/2010 09:43

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