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That's the spiirit !
Yesterday, a friend, Ramdesh Kaur, and her finace Harnam Singh,
shared this response on Facebook to a terrible experience.
How many of us would have been as gracious?

"Dear Person/People who broke into our car, stole our gear, instruments, clothing, tenting equip, video gear, cameras, AND Kundalini yoga manuals,
Please read your new manuals and practice Kundalini yoga. You will find peace within yourself and natural prosperity.
God still loves you, even if you've stopped loving yourself. Blessings, Ramdesh and Harnam"
Lanny Carlson 03/30/2012 11:28

Catholica 03/30/2012 14:05
Detachment from worldly things is a great virtue, ain't it?
John T 04/01/2012 21:02
Interesting. I like the response, but my first thought was a question. This may bring them peace within themselves and natural prosperity... but does Kundalini yoga bring them to Christ? Yoga, the religion, not the stretching, doesn't seem to point to Christ from what I've read. What do you all make of this?
Lanny Carlson 04/01/2012 23:23
Obviously, my friends exemplify the Spirit of the Christ far better than many "Christians" I know, and Jesus says we are known by the fruit we bear.
That should be enough.
Personally, I have never felt closer to God than I did at Spirit Fest,
the Kundalini gathering in Pennsylvania last year.
And yoga literally means to be yoked, to be at one with the Divine,
which is what Jesus was and what he called us to be.
and does draw us into unity with the One we as Christians see in Jesus.
We many use different words and different names,
but we all agree that there aren't many gods - God is ONE!
And I praise God when I see Divine love revealed so beautifully
in the words of my friends.

John T 04/04/2012 20:06
Curious Lanny,

"but we all agree that there aren't many gods - God is ONE!"

What do you mean?
Lanny Carlson 04/04/2012 21:32
Hi, John,

I just got back from the hospital,
where my wife had still another knee operation Monday,
and I'm tired,
so I won't try to be too erudite!

I simply meant that, unlike in ancient times
when people believed there were many gods,
the major faiths today are monotheistic -
there is only one God -
and while we know God by different names
and use different words to describe the precise nature of God,
we believe there is only one God,
who is ultimately beyond anyone's full comprehension
and beyond human words to fully describe.
One of the greatest problems humans create for ourselves, though,
is believing we have a corner on God
and that our understanding is the only right one
- even the hundreds of Christian denominations
suffer from this same malady,
insisting they have it "right"
while everyone else has it wrong!

I made that comment because
the attitude of my Sikh friends clearly shows
that they have a better grasp on the mind of Christ
than many so-called Christians.
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