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From Minister To Atheist: A Story Of Losing Faith (from NPR)

This story was shared by a couple of people from my church.

My thoughts, so far...

Not sure how long she was "posing" as a pastor, after deciding she was an atheist, but she should have, at least, taken a leave of absence. Questions are one thing, but to decide you're certain there is no God and continue to act at being their pastor (for years?) was just wrong.

[A friend then pointed out that she wasn't posing as a pastor, but was still on until she stepped down.]

Agree that her job title was "pastor", but I think you could argue she was "posing". Yes, God can work thru anyone and she has a right to believe (or not) whatever she chooses. However, she should have had more respect for her congregation and the denomination and addressed the issue properly and in a timely manner.
Dave S. (DudleyGrunt) 05/01/2012 13:32

Dave S. (DudleyGrunt) 05/01/2012 21:30
One other thing I thought of on the way home was that I didn't hear any regret on her part for how she handled it. It seemed to be all about her and whether people would ask her questions or how well she sleeps, now. Also sad to hear how she thinks of her former congregation and her husband (& family?), never mind other Christians, in general. Blind, mindless sheep.
Helga 05/01/2012 22:53
Very sad when someone looses hope in Christ.
Ted C 05/04/2012 01:10
Very sad. Her main arguments against God, as presented in the article, are all moral. I'm always perplexed by people who inherently have a moral compass of right and wrong in what is supposed to be an amoral and neutral universe and then use that moral knowledge to disavow the most logical explanation for the source of morality. I wonder if she's ever gotten a chance to read Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis.
Davidwayne Lackey 05/04/2012 23:09
I had the same thought as Ted. To follow Christian morals and at the same time deny the very author of the morals she follows. If there is no God then why have any morals at all. There would be no reason to have morals. There is no logic to it. I would have to ask the question was she really ever Christian in the first place.
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