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Pray for Brenna, soon to be 18
Thanks for your continued prayers for my prodigal daughter, Brenna. She contacted me this last week, and told me she was pregnant. My extended family have been enabling her, and not being honest with my husband and I. Please pray for wisdom and clarity, and help us to love our child even in the midst of tremendous hurt and betrayal.
Tammy 06/19/2012 18:18

Jake Van Horn 06/20/2012 00:41
Praying with you for Brenna and for all of you, Tammy.
Davidwayne Lackey 06/20/2012 01:18
Sean 06/20/2012 10:40
Tammy.. you've laid your heart out so very clearly in this situation...Tom & I are standing with you as are all the other brothers & sisters in Christ.. we are all praying for restoration in your family. Standing with both you & Paul at this very moment to bind up the evil one and cast him and the demons of deception and meddling out of your lives. Lord I just pray for Tammy & Paul right now.. Father you know their hearts and minds right now.. I pray You send your Spirit of Peace upon them right now.. that Peace that passes all understanding. Father continue to heal their hearts and minds. I ask of You to send Your mercy upon these two servants of Yours.. Bring them closer to you as you comfort them in Your Mighty arms.. restore that which has been taken away.Lord we also pray for the extended family.. we know there is much confrontation and healing to be done there as well.. We ask for discernment in how to approach this situation Father.. Give Tammy and Paul Your Holy boldness to speak the Truth in Your all-encompassing Love. Help them to promote unity in this situation.. let them shine Your light. Father we pray specifically for Brenna and the new unborn child.. Lord You know what needs to be done.. I pray for this to be the pivitol point in Brenna's life that will send her back to the parents who love her so much. Clear her mind of the decit the enemy has set in her mind.. Allow her to see You in Tammy and Paul... that You have her best interests at heart.. that You can & WILL restore her to Your glory Father.I pray this all in Jesus name.. Amen
Cheryl Lynn 06/20/2012 13:58
Lord, I pray for the wisdom and clarity Tammy has asked from You. I also pray for her and her husband to have all the love they need from You to pour into their daughter despite the pain and betrayal. I pray Brenna long for the comfort and safety of her home and return to seek her parents wisdom. Please pour Your supernatural strength and patience into these parents to walk with her through this pregnancy. It is such a long and scary road when a baby is added into the mix of turmoil. Protect this baby from a future of darkness and bring mom and baby into Your loving arms. May this pregnacy be the catalyst that opens Benna's eyes to Your love, hope, joy, and truth! Open the eyes of family members that are causing more harm than good.
gloria 06/20/2012 23:10
Dear Lord, I lift Tammy's situation up to You in prayer this morning. Only You Dear Lord can see into each of our hearts, I pray for You to speak peace, love, wisdom, understanding into each heart. I believe You do all things for good for those who believe in You. In this situation I pray this child be the love needed to bring this family together once again. Comfort them, heal this family, put the past behind and begin again from this day. Lord I know this is in Your power and it will come to be in Your time. All Praise, honor and glory to You in this and in all the ways You give peace into our lives. In Jesus' holy name, I pray, Amen.
Helga 06/20/2012 23:16
Lord I agree in prayer
tara 07/07/2012 22:37
Praying for you, Tammy. I've been around during your trials over the last couple years.
Tammy 07/08/2012 17:06
Thank you all for your prayers brothers and sisters. Nothing is resolved, but I am giving it all to God. I know He knows what to do. Once more, He is telling me to let go. I believe your prayers are holding me up in this difficult time. We have gone through a couple of weeks of really dark warfare, and I know that God is moving, even though we can't see it yet. Thanks my dear DAB brothers and sisters!
Bonnie 07/08/2012 18:35
Praying for you Tammy in the midst of all the battles. God is able and is working in and through even the worst things.
Much love & prayers,
Beverly 07/08/2012 20:24
Praying that the Lord stand very near you, that His glory be your rear guard---you are dearly loved by the Lord.
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