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EG 06/26/2012 21:01
Isaiah 59:1 Behold, the LORD's hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear

Thank You Father that Your arm is not too short to save, nor Your ear too dull to hear. Thank You for the reassurance that no matter where Brenna is, there You are ready to bring her back to her family. Send grace and comfort and hope to them and prepare them to receive the blessing that You have in store. You said those that refresh others shall themselves be refreshed. You saw Tammy's great faith as she prays for others; we know You have not forgotten her good works and have confidence she will see the fruit of it. Thank you.
Beverly 06/26/2012 21:16
I pray the Holy Spirit intercede for all of you, that He pour out wisdom and comfort and peace and provision. May He bless you for the many prayers you have offered up on behalf of others on this forum. I am so sorry this is happening in your family.
Robin Brookes 06/27/2012 00:40
Happened to me/us. God does intervene. He is not always immediate. Praying.
Jake Van Horn 06/27/2012 01:11
Praying for you all, Tammy.
Tammy 06/27/2012 15:56
Thanks for your prayers. I appreciate it. I believe God is working, even though I don't see it right now. Your encouragement through this ordeal has been invaluable. Thanks DAB family.
gloria 06/28/2012 01:07
Tammy praying for you and your family.
Shirley 06/28/2012 13:51
Dear Father, Please work in this situation to turn Brenda's heart back to you. Give strength and courage and wisdom to her parents. Close all the doors that would lead her farther away or harden her heart. In Jesus' name,
Kris 07/01/2012 09:16
Praying God's healing touch in all you are dealing with, Tammy.
JPS 07/01/2012 09:25
Lord, show your mighty power!!! We belive for a miraculous resolution. Amen
Terry Luck 07/02/2012 06:30
I am praying for you and your family
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