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This is the prayer wall. Request, give and recieve prayer here from around the community and around the world.

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Prayers for David Wayne LackeySunni Adams09/14/20141109/16/2014 22:13Susi
Prayer for my job search / health reportGreg Smith09/16/2014209/16/2014 20:02Adrienne Germany
Susie from ManitobaSusie09/16/2014209/16/2014 19:55Adrienne Germany
HealingKingfisher09/16/2014209/16/2014 19:46Adrienne Germany
YouAdrienne Germany09/15/2014209/16/2014 04:40JT
Like a SonBear09/16/2014309/16/2014 04:38JT
Grandson's Diagnosisjocelyn ash09/12/2014409/15/2014 18:48Adrienne Germany
Alcoholic daughterAudrey09/12/2014409/15/2014 18:46Adrienne Germany
suportPALVINEO ROBINSON09/12/2014409/15/2014 18:43Adrienne Germany
Please pray for peace...Brenda09/12/2014409/15/2014 18:32Adrienne Germany
Desparate prayer requestSara09/12/2014509/15/2014 18:29Adrienne Germany
Prayers for ChrisPatrick McHenry09/13/2014409/15/2014 18:23Adrienne Germany
Autoimmune Disease PrayerKeith Sell09/12/2014409/15/2014 18:21Adrienne Germany
Healing stage 4 ovarian cancer, direction for future, restoration of marraigeDarlene09/14/2014309/15/2014 18:16Adrienne Germany
Please Lord bring peace to our familyBrenda09/15/2014309/15/2014 18:11Adrienne Germany
Daughter needs a jobMary Zoller09/15/2014309/15/2014 18:04Adrienne Germany
For my friend, AngelMarci McQueen09/11/2014609/15/2014 08:35Robert
Prayer for forgiveness and restoration and help with my thought lifedavelovessusie09/09/2014609/14/2014 09:00carol
TrustngKingfisher09/10/2014609/12/2014 15:03Kingfisher
Marital Issuescarol09/10/2014709/11/2014 21:44carol
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