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This is the prayer wall. Request, give and recieve prayer here from around the community and around the world.

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Daily Prayeranthony bradford02/27/2015202/28/2015 04:07JT
Feeling Like Losing FaithRainy A02/28/2015202/28/2015 04:06JT
Prayer Request...for my son...JULIA MI02/27/2015402/28/2015 00:28HumblyRedeemed
17 year old Hannah is ina comaSwish02/22/2015602/27/2015 06:43R.J. Schodowski
healingNikki02/24/2015502/27/2015 04:33JT
Prayer for God's intervention in paying past due rent and car repair feesR.J. Schodowski02/14/2015802/27/2015 04:32JT
Daily Prayeranthony bradford02/26/2015502/27/2015 04:29JT
Prayer for my oldest...JULIA MI02/25/2015402/27/2015 04:28JT
Food of the Wordanthony bradford02/26/2015402/27/2015 04:27JT
Panic attacks healingNicole02/25/2015302/27/2015 04:26JT
Humbly in needZach Hart02/25/2015402/27/2015 04:26JT
URGENT!!!! Prayer for 10 year old Spencer again, very urgent, the doctors have given up hopeSRG198002/18/20151302/27/2015 04:22JT
Daily Prayeranthony bradford02/26/2015302/27/2015 04:21JT
Fiance Visa Interview Tomorrow (Feb. 26)Dustin Garness02/26/2015402/27/2015 04:20JT
Please pray in agreement with me for RickSally02/26/2015402/27/2015 04:19JT
Prayer for AdoptionJody02/26/2015302/27/2015 04:11JT
pray for provisionAnne02/22/2015802/27/2015 04:10JT
bad to worse.. still up and praying/hopingHumblyRedeemed02/25/2015802/27/2015 04:09JT
Please pray for my 29 yo daughter, Bethany, who has Lyme Disease and has surgery March 2Mary Sulligan02/27/2015202/27/2015 04:07JT
My mother Clara has cancerBobby02/25/2015402/27/2015 04:03JT
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