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This is the prayer wall. Request, give and recieve prayer here from around the community and around the world.

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Miracle needed!Bettina08/31/2014509/01/2014 00:34DNA
For a church home and home of our ownDNA09/01/20141  
Christ CenteredDavid Wilson09/01/2014208/31/2014 21:04Davidwayne Lackey
EyesKingfisher08/26/2014808/31/2014 18:07Paul
Prayer for my healing and my son and his family estrangedDarlene08/30/2014308/31/2014 17:58Paul
Extra Prayer PleaseSandra08/30/2014208/31/2014 16:58JT
I am falling apart; Please kindly pray for me, IVF success and my marriage urgentlyLL08/31/2014308/31/2014 16:52JT
Mom in Intensive Care. Please Pray!tanlove08/26/2014508/30/2014 05:14JT
Prayer for a babytanlove08/29/2014408/30/2014 05:10JT
friends dad had strokeAnne08/28/2014508/30/2014 05:09JT
prayer for widowed auntjuan carlo abito08/29/2014308/30/2014 05:06JT
Dear Lord...Brenda08/28/2014308/30/2014 05:05JT
Fulltime EmploymentLouise08/28/2014308/30/2014 05:03JT
Prayer for Gods guidance, my acceptance to circumstances, my sister and my husbandKarissa08/25/2014408/29/2014 12:35Kris
Prayer for marriageKW08/26/2014308/29/2014 12:23Kris
Need DAB family prayer power!Maggie08/27/2014408/29/2014 12:22Kris
Prayer for MarriageD C08/26/2014408/29/2014 12:18Kris
prayers for husband's healthsue08/26/2014408/29/2014 11:34juan carlo abito
Son with OCDTona08/08/2014708/29/2014 05:41Kris
Tormented SonScott from Carolina08/23/2014608/28/2014 20:41tanlove
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