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This is the prayer wall. Request, give and recieve prayer here from around the community and around the world.

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Need prayer as my mum has biopsies this weekColin11/08/2015811/26/2015 03:12Colin
Leading team of substitute teachers for 5th grade public schoolersAlynthia11/25/2015211/25/2015 15:08latemommy
Relashoship the risk to open up my heart the trust in God i need to have real godly frends an future spooserichard martin11/16/2015511/25/2015 02:12richard martin
my nonno and my accident by getting hit by a carsarah riotto11/23/2015711/24/2015 16:35sarah riotto
Maci Feria and Jared Kocherdavelovessusie11/23/2015411/24/2015 16:31latemommy
Prayer for anxietylatemommy11/23/2015411/24/2015 16:24latemommy
need prayer for psychological issueElizabeth Marie11/18/2015311/22/2015 07:02JT
Daily Prayeranthony bradford11/19/2015311/22/2015 07:01JT
My Businesstosh1211/19/2015311/22/2015 06:59JT
feeling very overwhelmedscottie mcbrater11/19/2015311/22/2015 06:58JT
Desperate Mother needs urgent prayer for my daughterCindy Coetzee11/22/2015211/22/2015 06:54JT
PrayerJose Chaves11/22/2015211/22/2015 06:53JT
Prayers for Alftracieanne11/22/2015211/22/2015 06:52JT
Prayers for PattiLes11/18/2015511/19/2015 08:49tosh12
MarriageGal11/17/2015411/19/2015 06:57Robster49er
Daily Prayeranthony bradford11/18/2015211/18/2015 04:36JT
Prayers for all the powerful decisions made around the worldanna handley11/18/2015211/18/2015 04:30JT R11/16/2015311/17/2015 19:35Les
Prayer for a new ChristianAngela Charron11/16/2015311/17/2015 13:11Zach Hart
Husband's new businessGal11/13/2015411/17/2015 13:07Zach Hart
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