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This is the prayer wall. Request, give and recieve prayer here from around the community and around the world.

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Update on Baby Nolantracieanne10/25/2014310/25/2014 22:13JT
Dealing with anxietyDoveInSky10/25/2014310/25/2014 22:05JT
Prayer for teenage suicideSharron10/26/2014210/25/2014 22:03JT
My sister has been in pain for 3 years but no one can tell us why ....(extremely extremely long prayer request.... I apologize iSunshine10/25/2014410/25/2014 13:13debra clinton
I have not love2 A PENNY ALLAN10/25/2014210/25/2014 12:53debra clinton
Prayer for Baby Nolantracieanne10/25/2014210/25/2014 06:38DoveInSky
Prayer for my UncleChandra10/24/2014210/24/2014 20:45JT
Please pray for my son JonathanBill10/22/2014310/24/2014 06:21JT
TripMiranda10/23/2014210/24/2014 06:04JT
Stomach bacteria infectionMrRedLineCSCS10/24/2014210/24/2014 06:03JT
Marriage in crisisKW10/19/2014510/23/2014 13:34Miranda
estranged from parents, trying to heal and make it through the holidaysRenee10/21/2014510/22/2014 22:59Renee
Discouraged/DepressedJan10/21/2014510/22/2014 22:26Renee
Shame and feeling Guilt-ridden?? keep praying for everyone2 A PENNY ALLAN10/18/2014410/22/2014 11:06debra clinton
Healing, and guidance to hear GodPamela10/20/2014210/22/2014 10:25JT
Bill MeradethSuzanne Rodrigues10/21/2014210/22/2014 10:24JT
my son jasonsean draper10/22/2014210/22/2014 10:06JT
Prayer for my son Justin and his wife ShatinaCynthia Fields10/22/2014310/22/2014 09:11JT
Plea for help from a public school teacher and fatherMike10/16/2014610/20/2014 15:32Patty
Baby with a heart defectDeb Okonsukwa10/18/2014510/20/2014 11:42merili randma
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