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This is the prayer wall. Request, give and recieve prayer here from around the community and around the world.

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please prayHumblyRedeemed02/01/20151  
Prayer for potectionJOHN A02/01/20151  
UrgentSoloside01/29/2015802/01/2015 09:45JT
Jeremy needs prayer PleaseHeather D.01/29/2015902/01/2015 09:44JT
marriage finances health calmness contentmentJOHN A01/30/2015502/01/2015 09:44JOHN A
TodaySoloside01/31/2015502/01/2015 09:41JT
Need your prayersChar01/31/2015502/01/2015 09:39JT
Ebola rescueDemelza01/31/2015402/01/2015 09:38JT
Prayer for my Mother in LawRueJay02/01/2015402/01/2015 09:36JT
Mother and unborn child in dangerShirley02/01/2015402/01/2015 09:36JT
Need Prayers --Wrightone01/31/2015702/01/2015 09:34JT
Prayers for Friend Neil with CancerWrightone02/01/2015202/01/2015 09:28JT
BlindMobe01/31/2015502/01/2015 07:59Wrightone
Please HELP!!!Theresa01/31/2015502/01/2015 07:50Wrightone
pray for the day & healthpenny01/30/2015401/31/2015 04:56JT
Daily Prayeranthony bradford01/30/2015401/31/2015 04:53JT
Please HELP !Theresa01/31/20151  
Lazy Brian :-)Mobe01/30/2015301/30/2015 18:16Shirley
Daily Prayeranthony bradford01/29/2015401/30/2015 05:21JT
(no subject)2 tim1:701/25/2015801/30/2015 04:32JULIA MI
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