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This is the prayer wall. Request, give and recieve prayer here from around the community and around the world.

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my son jasonsean draper10/22/20141  
Discouraged/DepressedJan10/21/2014310/21/2014 18:04Jan
estranged from parents, trying to heal and make it through the holidaysRenee10/21/2014310/21/2014 18:02Jan
Bill MeradethSuzanne Rodrigues10/21/20141  
Healing, and guidance to hear GodPamela10/20/20141  
Plea for help from a public school teacher and fatherMike10/16/2014610/20/2014 15:32Patty
Baby with a heart defectDeb Okonsukwa10/18/2014510/20/2014 11:42merili randma
Revival for America...JULIA MI10/15/2014310/20/2014 10:19Felicia James
17-year old son strugglingDuckie09/25/2014810/20/2014 07:53JT
Losttanji10/01/2014710/20/2014 07:51JT
Injured KneeSarajaneDAB10/19/2014210/20/2014 07:48JT
Marriage in crisisKW10/19/2014310/20/2014 07:46JT
Daughter and Son in lawLinda10/20/2014210/20/2014 07:45JT
Injured KneeSarajaneDAB10/19/20141  
Shame and feeling Guilt-ridden?? keep praying for everyone2 A PENNY ALLAN10/18/2014310/18/2014 21:04Servant-Ken
Prayer for KeltonKingfisher10/15/2014510/18/2014 20:57Servant-Ken
prayer needed for direction and guidancendavidson10/17/2014410/18/2014 20:49Servant-Ken
For our children, especially our teens!John10/17/2014310/18/2014 11:58Duckie
Dear Dune??? From Virginia2 A PENNY ALLAN10/16/2014210/16/2014 21:47Pamela
I fearDeb10/13/2014510/15/2014 18:03Deb
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