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This is the prayer wall. Request, give and recieve prayer here from around the community and around the world.

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Fighting for Marriagemyshawnbooker09/02/20151  
Pray! Emergency.namfon bosanco09/01/2015309/02/2015 12:43David Montgomery
Son wife and grandchildrenPeggyf DuVall08/30/2015309/02/2015 11:00Stacy
Daily Prayeranthony bradford09/02/20151  
Walking in Job's shoesCathyJ08/20/2015609/02/2015 08:02jane marie
spottingKayla08/31/2015309/02/2015 07:54jane marie
a commentjane marie09/02/2015209/02/2015 07:50jane marie
pray god confuses the enemy's plansNahani/cheyenne johnson09/02/20151  
Help!Christopheaus08/31/2015309/01/2015 11:32Christopheaus
EyesKingfisher08/30/2015509/01/2015 06:39Kingfisher
Prayer for my Brother, Investigators, Judge, and all involved.Eric Brodberg09/01/2015208/31/2015 20:56MamaBear
Prayers for familyGal08/29/2015408/31/2015 20:47anthony bradford
Prayer for FertilityBrittany08/26/2015408/31/2015 16:13Amanda
Linda Marchbanks, my wife, needs prayerThomas Marchbanks08/29/2015308/31/2015 13:23Kris
my daughter is on methRon Mills08/31/2015308/31/2015 13:16Kris
Grandchildren, ChildrenPeggyf DuVall08/30/2015308/31/2015 13:15Kris
HusbandPeggyf DuVall08/30/2015408/31/2015 13:10Kris
Son and nephewPeggyf DuVall08/30/2015208/31/2015 04:45JT
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