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This is the prayer wall. Request, give and recieve prayer here from around the community and around the world.

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my friend is going through a rough timesarah evans11/23/2014511/28/2014 14:28Tom B
Education and healthAnn10/05/2014711/28/2014 14:23Tom B
My 12 year old son has been diagnosed with Crohn'sBrian11/28/2014211/28/2014 13:54Tom B
My marriage is falling apartMidwest Mel11/23/2014911/28/2014 12:58Robert Bruce
My Family is under attackChar11/26/2014311/27/2014 04:34JT
jules has head injuryAnne10/05/2014511/26/2014 05:09Shirley
Prayer for healing from Racisim, Hatred and PrejudiceKP11/25/2014311/25/2014 05:45JT
Under Attack By the EnemyLeeAnn11/25/2014311/25/2014 05:44JT
marriage in troublesisterinchrist10/30/2014811/25/2014 00:13Nicki
15 Year Old Mateo Collapsed with a Brain Aneurysm, Victoria BC CanadaAngelique77711/22/2014611/25/2014 00:00Nicki
Prayers for my DadJT11/25/2014211/24/2014 23:52Nicki
Prayers for Creative Hearts MinistriesJohn Day11/24/2014511/24/2014 21:31Shirley
Direction on my career/Need wisdomNicki11/24/2014511/24/2014 21:28Shirley
Please pray for my husband's upcoming surgeryRobin11/05/2014811/24/2014 19:22JT
Grace in MalaysiaMidwest Mel11/23/2014411/24/2014 19:22JT
Please pray for my son, David, facing 30 years in prison on November 3rd.Rolleen11/01/20141711/24/2014 08:04Midwest Mel
Shirley the TeacherYvonne Davis-Hambrick11/12/2014511/23/2014 18:34Nicki
needing prayerTim DePetro11/21/2014611/23/2014 18:26Nicki
(no subject)Praying Portals11/17/2014711/23/2014 11:43Adrienne Germany
Local church guidanceDenise11/19/2014711/23/2014 11:39Adrienne Germany
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