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This is the prayer wall. Request, give and recieve prayer here from around the community and around the world.

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Pastor's son in surgeryAngelika Baun07/28/2014207/28/2014 20:56JULIA MI
My 19 year old son...againChristine07/27/2014407/28/2014 09:28JULIA MI
Prayer over an IdolGloria A07/25/2014407/28/2014 09:26JULIA MI
Sister-In LawLove & Mercy & Grace07/27/2014407/28/2014 09:23JULIA MI
Prayer for a friend's momMelody07/27/2014307/28/2014 09:20JULIA MI
MarriageCC07/28/2014207/28/2014 09:19JULIA MI
Husband - needs healing...again...JULIA MI07/28/20141  
painSublimeLynn07/22/2014907/27/2014 16:48dkellyrocks
Prayer for my friend Gloria's healthClare07/25/2014307/27/2014 15:52dkellyrocks
prayer for my boyfriend, USMC Combat VeteranLuz07/25/2014307/27/2014 15:48dkellyrocks
prayer for my dadjuan carlo abito07/25/2014507/26/2014 23:42Shell
Son in dire need of JOB, DIRECTION and SALVATIONClare07/25/2014307/26/2014 19:27Christine
Thankfulness to our LordJackie07/25/2014207/26/2014 16:11JT
to return and to walk with God againMe O Mom07/25/2014207/26/2014 16:08JT
Eyes to be healedKingfisher07/26/2014207/26/2014 14:48Kingfisher
Prayers needed for potential NEW jobRkc198707/25/2014407/25/2014 10:13dkellyrocks
Prayer for strength and supportAlison Choksi07/22/2014807/25/2014 06:19Jackie
Healing prayersKingfisher07/24/2014507/25/2014 06:19Kingfisher
I need energy for road trip this weekendBecky07/25/2014407/25/2014 04:41JT
Healing PrayersPatrick McHenry07/23/2014407/24/2014 17:58Patrick McHenry
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