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This is the prayer wall. Request, give and recieve prayer here from around the community and around the world.

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Daily Prayeranthony bradford06/30/2015207/01/2015 05:18JT
Prayer for good friend in hospitalSuzanne Rodrigues06/30/2015307/01/2015 05:16JT
Prayer for all here.....jeff appleton06/30/2015407/01/2015 05:16JT
Ex-husband is causing severe mental exhaustionbrianh51305/23/20151307/01/2015 05:14JT
Pray for my pregnancyGina06/30/2015307/01/2015 05:13JT
disibility vs work vs unemploymentKay06/30/2015307/01/2015 05:12JT
Homosexual Friend open to discuss sin of homosexualityRobert07/01/2015307/01/2015 05:11JT
still waitting on lawyerN J07/01/2015307/01/2015 05:05JT
Prayer for my husbandRike07/01/2015207/01/2015 05:03JT
(no subject)Mike Antonucci06/24/2015206/30/2015 13:23Suzanne Rodrigues
My dogLinda DesRoches06/26/2015306/30/2015 13:18Suzanne Rodrigues
I want a closer walk with God.Kevin06/27/2015606/30/2015 09:43Char
Prayer requestjeff appleton06/29/2015306/30/2015 09:43Char
chronic kidney disease update2 A PENNY ALLAN06/09/2015506/30/2015 07:31jeff appleton
askingleaning06/28/2015306/29/2015 15:16jeff appleton
So glad this is here - I need connectionAdrienne Lisa06/23/2015406/28/2015 17:40leaning
praise report but prayer still needed!N J06/20/2015806/28/2015 17:34leaning
(no subject)Kiis J06/27/2015206/28/2015 09:01JT
Prayer requestedKiis J06/27/2015306/28/2015 09:00JT
Please keep praying for me and my familyjeff appleton06/28/2015206/28/2015 08:59JT
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