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This is the prayer wall. Request, give and recieve prayer here from around the community and around the world.

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ChildrenTess08/01/2015208/02/2015 11:36Rena Groot
Hole I can't filljewels08/01/2015208/01/2015 20:45leaning
peaceleaning07/31/2015408/01/2015 15:38leaning
shaking and shifting going onDarlin07/30/2015407/31/2015 22:16Darlin
Believing God that pelvic mass is not malignantKath07/31/2015407/31/2015 20:59Davidwayne Lackey
My Aunt Betty, diagnose with Cancer. - NYC USACarl McDaniel08/01/20151  
Daily Prayeranthony bradford07/31/20151  
Problems with FearTrini07/30/2015307/31/2015 04:50JT
Praise Report/Prayer RequestJeffrey07/30/2015307/31/2015 04:49JT
HealingKingfisher07/22/2015507/30/2015 11:08Donnie
Prayers for my sonRainne07/29/2015407/30/2015 11:04Donnie
Health prayer requestWendy Grebbien07/29/2015407/30/2015 10:01Donnie
praise reportNahani/cheyenne johnson07/27/2015507/29/2015 05:14JT
Healing for a babyNic07/28/2015407/29/2015 05:13JT
Prayer for the repose of soulsjuan carlo abito07/28/2015207/29/2015 05:12JT
Deliverance and PeaceNic07/28/2015407/29/2015 05:11JT
Prayer for Shad's healingLes07/29/2015207/29/2015 05:10JT
A prayer for PattiLes07/28/2015507/29/2015 05:09JT
The toughest year of my life.Caleb07/27/2015307/28/2015 19:17Darrin Christenson
17 yr old moved outDwan Crochet07/25/2015707/28/2015 17:12Zach
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