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This is the prayer wall. Request, give and recieve prayer here from around the community and around the world.

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please pray for my familytweetybird04/01/20151  
URGENT Need for Prayer!!!Char03/30/2015304/01/2015 11:27JT
Please pray for my healing and anxiety to go.DoveInSky03/30/2015504/01/2015 11:25JT
Daily Prayeranthony bradford03/31/2015304/01/2015 11:22JT
Praise God for David AZ fathers, Richard's praise reportLinda Silverberg03/31/2015604/01/2015 11:20JT
Rain for NamibiaHelga04/01/2015304/01/2015 11:16JT
Prayer for healing and finacesMaureen03/31/2015604/01/2015 11:15JT
prayer for Dad's officematejuan carlo abito03/31/2015404/01/2015 11:14JT
Prayer for Two Sons...Linda Silverberg03/31/2015304/01/2015 11:12JT
JobSHANNA04/01/2015304/01/2015 11:11JT
Prayer for Coworkers Daughter Bleeding from Eyes, Ears, Nose, Mouth and ArmpitsKarissa03/30/2015804/01/2015 11:10JT
Idea tonightNahani Johnson03/31/2015504/01/2015 11:09JT
Needed prayerleaning04/01/2015404/01/2015 11:08JT
Daily Prayeranthony bradford04/01/2015304/01/2015 11:06JT
What do I do?Heather03/15/20151504/01/2015 07:15JULIA MI
Please pray for God to restore my mind, soul, heart and body.BOB YANG03/25/20151404/01/2015 07:13JULIA MI
Just needing some prayer.Zaneeba03/29/2015803/31/2015 22:59Helga
suicide attemptKayla02/09/20151303/31/2015 10:00Kris
Please pray for my friend and two of her daughtersJ. Anthony Acker03/27/2015803/31/2015 09:01JULIA MI
Prayer Request - Husband killed in auto accidentangela stuart03/03/20152303/31/2015 08:53JULIA MI
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