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This is the prayer wall. Request, give and recieve prayer here from around the community and around the world.

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Prayers for Police Officers across the NationTreepose12/21/2014412/21/2014 09:29Treepose
A sick friend needs prayerBrother Tim12/21/2014412/21/2014 09:07JT
The worst time evermichael miletti12/18/2014812/20/2014 11:48Char
Continue to prayChar12/20/2014312/20/2014 09:50Sandy
Thank you. From David (Car accident three years ago and called in oin December 10 2014)David12/19/2014412/20/2014 09:48Sandy
I have not love2 A PENNY ALLAN10/25/2014912/20/2014 09:30Sandy
Thus says the LordDawn12/16/2014812/20/2014 09:20Sandy
Prayer for healing and good test resultsTom B12/18/2014612/20/2014 09:12Sandy
Prayer for my daughterPaul12/17/20141512/20/2014 09:11Sandy
Today 12/19/14..PLEASE. Pray for Sister Carolyn Williamskaren12/19/2014412/20/2014 09:05Sandy
Prayers for all the childrenJT12/20/2014212/20/2014 09:03Sandy
Prayer for Ingrid who needs a miracleLaverne Dunn12/14/2014612/20/2014 08:06JT
Please Pray for ALLIE House Foreclosure/ Eviction Noticekaren12/19/2014212/20/2014 07:58JT
PLEASE PLEASE PRAY...JULIA MI11/03/2014512/19/2014 09:56karen
Prayer for the 12/17/14 PodcastVirginia12/17/2014712/19/2014 09:42karen
for the USPraying Portals12/02/2014912/19/2014 09:36karen
Prayer for brother-in-lawChristine12/08/2014912/19/2014 09:21karen
Pray for healingColt90112/11/20141012/19/2014 08:40karen
Prayer for Edwin Drug Addiction and AlcoholismLaverne Dunn12/14/2014912/19/2014 08:37karen
Prayer For Son's job interviewmiddleman12/18/2014812/19/2014 08:33karen
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