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This is the prayer wall. Request, give and recieve prayer here from around the community and around the world.

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SubjectAuthorStartedRepliesLast Reply OnFrom
painSublimeLynn07/22/2014707/24/2014 05:23Jackie
strugglesimone07/22/2014907/24/2014 05:12Jackie
Nick Floyd of AZMichelle Murrell07/11/20141007/24/2014 05:09JT
Prayers for my Brother and Sister in lawScottish Tom07/23/2014307/23/2014 20:11dkellyrocks
Healing PrayersPatrick McHenry07/23/2014307/23/2014 17:51JT
Teenage daughtersJenai-Nay07/23/2014407/23/2014 17:46JT
Best friend struggles with sexualitycc07/23/2014207/23/2014 17:44JT
Sexual Addictionidobelieve07/14/20141407/23/2014 16:56Scottish Tom
please pray for exhusbandelizabeth07/22/2014507/23/2014 12:04Davidwayne Lackey
Help me mend my broken marriage and keep my family togetherSwexan07/15/2014707/23/2014 10:41dkellyrocks
Prayer for strength and supportAlison Choksi07/22/2014707/23/2014 10:19dkellyrocks
Prayers for 4 year old Owen MeyerJT07/23/2014307/23/2014 08:01dkellyrocks
Tragic lossDebbie07/22/2014707/23/2014 07:55dkellyrocks
Prayer for tragic Lossdkellyrocks07/22/2014507/23/2014 07:50JULIA MI
Legal CaseCristina07/23/2014407/23/2014 07:47JULIA MI
PLEASE - WE NEED A LOT OF PRAYERSAnette07/23/2014207/23/2014 07:18JULIA MI
Prayer for surgeryMaryHK07/17/2014807/22/2014 21:18JT
Brita and family need prayerBettina07/21/2014407/22/2014 16:10Kris
Pray For SteveKris07/19/2014507/22/2014 16:02Kris
Need monetary supportLadyRuth07/20/2014407/22/2014 11:47idobelieve
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