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This is the prayer wall. Request, give and recieve prayer here from around the community and around the world.

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need of prayer going threw deliverance a lot of demonic attackjoe arsenault05/27/20151  
Emergency prayer needed for 1-year-old little boyGail05/25/2015705/27/2015 10:54JT
angelsleaning05/09/20151505/27/2015 10:50JT
Daily Prayeranthony bradford05/27/2015205/27/2015 10:45JT
Praise ReportWanda Lynn05/27/2015205/27/2015 10:44JT
listne to "i am still standing" by joel osteenNahani/ Cheyenne05/27/20151  
Jeremy needs prayer please!Heather D.05/25/2015505/26/2015 19:30Nahani/ Cheyenne
Please God helpKelley05/25/2015505/26/2015 19:29Nahani/ Cheyenne
need prayer for God will to be done in my husband heart and marriage.GWEN05/01/20151005/26/2015 18:41bella
Urgent prayer for strengthLauren Gallaspy05/23/2015405/26/2015 09:24Char
Praying for all of us on this prayer list...Brenda05/25/2015405/26/2015 09:21Char
goodDanielle05/24/2015305/26/2015 09:14Char
(no subject)Dustin Graham05/24/2015405/26/2015 09:09Char
My son's babysitter is back in hospital with anorexia - please pray for her.Christopheaus05/24/2015205/25/2015 17:32JT
Daughter in need of a jobRobin05/24/2015305/25/2015 17:31JT
Pray for My Medical IssuesNathan Levasseur05/24/2015305/25/2015 17:28JT
Prayers of protectionNahani/ Cheyenne05/25/2015305/25/2015 17:26JT
I need Prayer Warriors to pray for my bother...Brenda05/25/2015305/25/2015 17:24JT
Next Steps / Cashflow NeededBrett Gillilan05/25/2015205/25/2015 17:17JT
PrayerDarlene05/15/2015905/25/2015 15:08leaning
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