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This is the prayer wall. Request, give and recieve prayer here from around the community and around the world.

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Need. Personal caregiver live inMelinda10/05/20151  
Heart attack.Kingfisher10/03/2015310/04/2015 20:52Davidwayne Lackey
(no subject)leaning10/04/2015210/04/2015 20:51Davidwayne Lackey
divorceKayla07/15/2015810/03/2015 21:24brianh513
Divorce and FamilyKrysten09/23/2015810/03/2015 21:21brianh513
Becky from Norway...Where are you????...How are you????Brother Larry10/04/20151  
Prayers for a police recruitmiddleman09/28/2015410/03/2015 13:45Jill Gomez
Battle WearyBobbye10/01/2015210/03/2015 09:06JT
Pray for our son in surgeryJohn Nicols10/01/2015310/03/2015 08:53JT
Paraplegic young beautiful Christian.Marina10/01/2015310/03/2015 08:50JT
EncouragementTrueblessjoy09/30/2015310/02/2015 08:02Marina
Life ChangesSweetP5809/30/2015310/01/2015 04:54JT
hello againn/c jnson10/01/2015210/01/2015 04:53JT
my sistersCarma09/30/2015310/01/2015 04:44JT
Isaiah 54:10ShowMeGodsLove10/01/20151  
Prayers for sonCathy09/24/2015709/30/2015 14:31SweetP58
Pray for Stephen age 14Susi09/25/2015709/30/2015 11:01Yasmin
EyesKingfisher09/25/2015709/29/2015 16:22Kingfisher
Starting the DAB again.Alexander Symonette09/28/2015309/29/2015 06:13JT
Prayer for my sistersIceskater8809/29/2015209/29/2015 06:11JT
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