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If the DAB FAQs do not have the answer, by all means post your problem on the Tech Forums here. Someone will more than likely post a reply in an effort to help you.

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SubjectAuthorStartedRepliesLast Reply OnFrom
Issue on AndroidServant-Ken01/02/20151001/16/2015 19:51Deanna
Android Podcast Addict Plays m4a files at Variable SpeedServant-Ken01/17/20151  
Anyone else having issues with Stitcher and tunein ?Mike Falciani01/05/2015201/05/2015 17:06Chet
iTunes Download ProblemsStephen Lion01/04/2015201/05/2015 17:04Chet
Why the switch to m4a files?Don Cleveland01/02/2015401/04/2015 22:41Don Cleveland
Windows Media Player will not play the podcasts I download to my PC...DTroller01/02/2015501/04/2015 09:00DTroller
RSS ProblemsJason Williams05/14/2014301/03/2015 22:22Chet
DAB PodCast won't play on BlackBerry as of 1/1/15Dave01/02/2015201/03/2015 22:12Chet
Last day of the year!Alan Cave01/01/2015201/03/2015 22:03Chet
Help! (Last 4 days of year)Kendra01/01/2015301/01/2015 07:52Alphonso77
D.A.B. Player keeps stopping ...j s12/17/20141  
Problems downloading podcast November 7thIan Greely11/07/2014211/07/2014 04:24Ian Greely
download option for dvd and passages book?Elise FDA10/17/20141  
podcase problemDDD09/03/20141  
Problems with Community Prayer podcast for 8/2/14Clinton Lindgren08/03/20141  
Daily Audio Bible StoppedYvonne Hambrick07/10/20141  
Podcast July 8michael miletti07/08/2014207/10/2014 01:06Yvonne Hambrick
80% Playback stoppage on PC app podcast for Win 7Jim Roberts07/08/20141  
No Podcast 8th July - app starts up OK but play immediately stopsJim Roberts07/08/20141  
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