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I'll be Damned , According to the LAWDavidwayne Lackey06/20/2015206/20/2015 04:01JT
Miss the ObviousDavidwayne Lackey06/18/2015206/18/2015 03:57JT
JESUS, THE MEDIATOR OF A NEW COVENANTDavidwayne Lackey06/16/20151  
Walking with ChristDavidwayne Lackey06/15/20151  
Days Like Grass...Davidwayne Lackey06/06/20151  
Adam and Mrs. AdamDavidwayne Lackey06/02/20151  
God makes it GrowDavidwayne Lackey06/02/20151  
The Persistence Of LifeDavidwayne Lackey05/31/20151  
The Sparrow at StarbucksDavidwayne Lackey05/21/20151  
Behind the Scenes.Davidwayne Lackey05/20/20151  
All Your GarmentsDavidwayne Lackey05/19/2015205/19/2015 04:37JT
The Speech WriterDavidwayne Lackey05/17/20151  
As For ManDavidwayne Lackey05/16/2015205/17/2015 16:33JT
The Psalm of PenitenceDavidwayne Lackey05/17/20151  
Shattered GlassDavidwayne Lackey05/16/20151  
The Cross is the power of GodDavidwayne Lackey05/14/20151  
I Ain't Lyin Pa !Davidwayne Lackey05/13/20151  
It is GoodDavidwayne Lackey05/12/20151  
What Pleases GodDavidwayne Lackey05/10/2015205/11/2015 16:48JT
A New HouseDavidwayne Lackey05/09/20151  
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