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The Music Won't LastDavidwayne Lackey08/01/20151  
The Most Beautiful FlowerDavidwayne Lackey07/31/20151  
The Christian ExtraDavidwayne Lackey07/30/20151  
Places He Has BeenDavidwayne Lackey07/27/20151  
A Meaningful LifeDavidwayne Lackey07/26/20151  
Woman of InfluenceDavidwayne Lackey07/25/20151  
One of Them?Davidwayne Lackey07/24/20151  
Too Slow or Too Hasty ?Davidwayne Lackey07/11/2015407/23/2015 20:17Davidwayne Lackey
SURRENDER LEADING TO SONGDavidwayne Lackey07/23/20151  
(no subject)Davidwayne Lackey07/22/20151  
Cobweb ProblemsDavidwayne Lackey07/18/2015307/21/2015 17:19Donnie
A Golden Bell and a PomegranateDavidwayne Lackey07/17/20151  
The Wall Won't Hurt YouDavidwayne Lackey07/16/2015207/16/2015 04:12JT
The Samaritan LeperDavidwayne Lackey07/16/20151  
Rich Toward GodDavidwayne Lackey07/09/20151  
The first mile is the most ImportantDavidwayne Lackey07/04/2015207/04/2015 11:17JT
Songs in the NightDavidwayne Lackey07/03/20151  
I'll be Damned , According to the LAWDavidwayne Lackey06/20/2015206/20/2015 04:01JT
Miss the ObviousDavidwayne Lackey06/18/2015206/18/2015 03:57JT
JESUS, THE MEDIATOR OF A NEW COVENANTDavidwayne Lackey06/16/20151  
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