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The PicnicDavidwayne Lackey07/23/20141  
Genuinely HumanDavidwayne Lackey07/22/20141  
Facing Adversity Over and OverDavidwayne Lackey07/19/2014207/19/2014 10:09JT
(no subject)Davidwayne Lackey07/18/20141  
RestitutionDavidwayne Lackey07/17/20141  
The Power Of The TongueDavidwayne Lackey07/15/20141  
Changing TunesDavidwayne Lackey07/14/20141  
God-WatchingDavidwayne Lackey07/12/20141  
The Last EnemyDavidwayne Lackey07/11/20141  
FaithDavidwayne Lackey07/10/20141  
Effortless ChangeDavidwayne Lackey07/02/2014307/04/2014 22:28Davidwayne Lackey
Disappointment and GodDavidwayne Lackey07/05/20141  
Faith That PleasesDavidwayne Lackey06/30/20141  
Pictures of a SoulDavidwayne Lackey06/29/20141  
Word and ImageDavidwayne Lackey06/26/20141  
LongingsDavidwayne Lackey06/24/20141  
Who Are The Elect ?Davidwayne Lackey06/21/20141  
My Child Come And Cuddle With MeDavidwayne Lackey06/20/20141  
The Dead Don't BleedDavidwayne Lackey06/12/20141  
Listening in the DarkDavidwayne Lackey06/11/20141  
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