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LovingDavidwayne Lackey04/17/20151  
Count Your BlessingsDavidwayne Lackey04/15/2015204/16/2015 03:20JT
God Defines LoveDavidwayne Lackey04/14/20151  
Clothe those who are coldDavidwayne Lackey04/13/20151  
The Sevenfold work of God's SpiritDavidwayne Lackey04/12/20151  
Comfort on the HillDavidwayne Lackey04/11/20151  
(no subject)Davidwayne Lackey04/10/20151  
Little ThingsDavidwayne Lackey04/07/20151  
Jesus Christ, Our Great High PriestDavidwayne Lackey04/05/20151  
Jesus' New Life Is Our HopeDavidwayne Lackey04/05/20151  
Teacher or KingDavidwayne Lackey04/03/20151  
CompetentDavidwayne Lackey04/02/20151  
AnnieDavidwayne Lackey03/30/20151  
The Child In The MidstDavidwayne Lackey03/29/20151  
I Refuse To Be DiscouragedDavidwayne Lackey03/29/20151  
Your Sin Will Find You OutDavidwayne Lackey03/29/20151  
Facing death with JesusDavidwayne Lackey03/23/2015303/26/2015 06:13Jayne
Feeding the Five ThousandDavidwayne Lackey03/20/20151  
Ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.Davidwayne Lackey03/19/2015203/19/2015 07:14Sheri
The Sweet Song of the Second FiddleDavidwayne Lackey03/18/20151  
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