DAB Read Along


On January 1, 2006 a podcast named the Daily Audio Bible was launched with little
fanfare and zero expectations. The basic assumption was that the Bible could speak for itself and if allowed to it would. The concept was simple; create an environment sonically that would allow for a personal retreat and then simply let the Bible speak.

What was born out of obedience spread like wildfire. By June of the first year there had been 200,000 downloads of the DAB. Now, after tens of millions of downloads a vibrant, world-wide community has blossomed. People who would have never met in regions of the world they will never visit have linked arms in friendship and camaraderie sharing life in a surprisingly authentic way. The center of the community is what it’s always been...The Word of God. Together we’ve learned that it’s not enough to pacify our consciences with a devotional here and there and occasional bedtime prayers. We’ve been challenged to live what we see in Scripture; to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the world and we’ve accepted the offer. The good news is that Jesus gave us His authority to do the job.

As we continue to lay our lives down as servants of the King for the Kingdom we’ve become increasingly aware that knowledge is not enough. It’s great to feast of the Scriptures every day but if we don’t live what the Bible says we’ve missed the point. That’s why as a community we’ve become people of word and deed. We don’t believe we can survive long terms as Christians without the Bible in our lives every single day. We don’t believe we’ll get that far without a conversational intimacy with God and we don’t think we’ll make it without each other. These three fundamentals have become the precious foundation for our walk with God and this walk with God has forced us into deep waters and cliff’s edges. The life of faith forces us to sometimes be uncomfortable but to always rely on Jesus. There simply is no other way. And that life of faith has proven to be the greatest adventure in life.

As the journey begins you (as we all have) can expect after spending your first week in the Bible you’ll start sensing something shifting in your heart. After a month you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. After a quarter you’ll see new lines of lean muscle building in your spirit as you grow strong in the faith. By the time you complete the year you won’t be able to look in the mirror and see the same person. You’ll see just about everything differently. God will have transformed you from the inside out. You’ll find yourself saying what we all do around here.....the journey is the destination.