I heard about broadcasting my WiFi SSiD and using DAB info. What is that about?

Ever wonder how you could plant the smallest of seeds about the Daily Audio Bible with some tech-minded people who are in the immediate vicinity of your home, apartment or dorm room? Looking for a “techno icebreaker”? Are you a small business offering WiFi to your patrons and wish to turn them on to the DAB? We have a simple suggestion and potential tool for your toolbox.

Within several homes of friends and family here in Spring Hill, TN (where the Daily Audio Bible is based) we have setup wireless internet routers (aka. WiFi) to broadcast the Wireless Network Name or SSiD as “”. WiFi routers vary, but you’d be surprised just how far you can “broadcast” your SSiD. If this is something you’d be interested in doing, read on.

Wireless routers allow for the administrator (ie. YOU) to setup your router by logging into it. Each manufacturer typically has a different process of how to login to the unit, however, much of the information and terminology overlaps from manufacturer to manufacturer. Here is what you are looking for:

01. Wireless Network Name or SSiD (or similar)

This can be any name you want it to be. Your owner’s manual may even refer to this as a “friendly name”. In the case of Linksys routers, it typically states LINKSYS or maybe the model number of the router or maybe both.

02. Wireless SSiD Broadcast (or similar) with options for ENABLE or DISABLE

This is what “broadcasts” the name or SSiD. You need this to be ON or ENABLED for everything to work.

03. Wireless Security or Security Mode (or similar)

This is where we encourage you to create a password in your router. If you don’t, anyone who is tech savvy can login to your network without your knowledge. That is typically not a good thing. (If you are a business and offer WiFi as a “HotSpot” you may not wish to use a password. Discretion is advised!)

You may see options like WPA Personal, WPA Enterprise, WPA2 Personal, WPA2 Enterprise, RADIUS, WEP or similar (or newer). For what we do, we have setup our security to use WPA2 Personal. The options after that are TKiP, AES or BOTH. We use the setting “BOTH.” You will then usually have a WPASK or WPA Shared Key. That is a fancy name for a password. Just type something in that you will always remember. Keep in mind that it is probably case sensitive, so "PASSWORD" is not the same as "PaSsWoRd" or "password". Write down everything for safe keeping.

After you’ve made your changes, make sure you SAVE your settings. Some routers will not allow you to navigate away from the page without saving your settings. Also note, that some routers do not show all of this info on one “page” within the router.
So to recap here is what you want to do:

01. SSiD: (do not use “quotes” around the name)
02. Broadcast SSiD: Enable
03. Wireless Security: Choose a Security Mode and create a password.
04. Save the changes.

Now that you’ve made these small changes, you can consider your little tech-world as a "DAB Beacon". Out of curiosity, we’d love to hear from you if you decide to use this little setup. Drop a quick note to us at “” (replace AT with the @ symbol). NOTE: We do not support routers or home networks. Please check the manufacturers website for specific instructions regarding your device.

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