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VIDEO UPDATE 6 - Drywall and Interior Painting.

VIDEO UPDATE 5 - Drywall and Pancake Breakfast Benefit.

Video Update 4 - Framing completed.  And all that COLOR!

VIDEO UPDATE 3 - The container gets painted and framed

VIDEO UPDATE 2 - Rwandan Bishop Nathan Gasatura Visits

VIDEO UPDATE 1 - The Cargo Container Arrives.

(Guest) 06/04/2012 15:07
This is so like God/ many many more blessings
Brian Hardin 06/09/2012 00:21
Yes indeed. It is much harder than we thought and much more beautiful. What an honor.
Adrian Browner 06/10/2012 16:00
This project is so beautiful. I'm filled with mixed emotions but mainly I feel joy that you and all the others that have come and happily volunteered your time to work on the containers.
Justin Henry (Guest) 06/20/2012 18:01
Can anyone fill me in on what the plans are for the roof? I'm a roofing contractor here in Nashville, but also have a heart for missions and would like to find out some more details about that part of the building. Thanks!
Justin Henry (Guest) 06/21/2012 08:13
I suppose I should have included my email address for easier response - Just put Rwanda Project in the subject line.

Cheryl Headley (Guest) 06/23/2012 11:41
I can only imagine what it was like having birth the idea then having the actual container to work on. All I want Brian and crew to understand is this will work. It came from God and it has to work. It will bypass your very own thinking. Our God is just Good like that. He knows how to make a mountain into a molehill. Just carry on and know the outcome will bless many fortunate little ones who because of this will be some vicious soldiers on the battle field, winning souls for God's Kingdom. God has even planned that all the little ones who enter this school will ALL be a success story. Glory be to God.
Love you all for such a God Given Thought.
Cheryl (Barbados)
Katie Bock (Guest) 07/03/2012 02:01
I have been painting on the outside of this amazing gift! I can't even explain in words how much it has changed me. God is so good to me, he put this project into my path at a time in my life that I needed it most. I feel so blessed to be part of such a wonderful project and I know the kids are going to feel God's love every time they walk into the classroom. What a blessing!
Saved4sure7 (Guest) 07/13/2012 05:44
I cannot see the videos, but I am sure all went well and is going well in the name of Jesus! (Guest) 07/13/2012 14:28
Wow Guys! I know so many of you working on this project and it looks awesome! is there still work to be done?
jberbuer (Guest) 09/05/2012 14:39
I just mentioned what you are doing here when I skyped with a good friend and brother in the US today. I haven't seen him in years. He is preparing to go to Cameroon for church planting. I hope he can watch the videos to actually see the great work you did to prepared the cargo classroom. BTW: 'Video update 6' needs some attention, it does not play anymore. Many thanks for your vision and all your hard work to reach out to the children in Rwanda. :-) Blessings from Germany.

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