Going Deeper Together

If you are interested in reading through Reframe: From The God We’ve Made…To God With Us in a small group setting, we recommend using the accompanying films to guide the group deeper and encourage discussion. (Leaders guide included)

Buy DVD + Digital HD

Get instant access to digital HD

If you purchase 7 or more copies of Reframe for a small group or to give away we’ll send you the Reframe Films DVD free and give you access to download the films.

If you purchase 10 or more copies we’ll also send you a signed first edition copy of Reframe.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Purchase copies from one of the retailer links on this page OR get copies from your local Barnes & Noble or Christian bookstore.
  2. Forward your receipt to reframe@dailyaudiobible.com. (If you buy from a local store email a photo of your receipt.)
  3. Once we receive your email we will mail you the Reframe resources and email you a voucher to access the digital downloads.

Reframe is made to be shared. Start a small group or give it away to those you care about today.


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