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About the book

Are You Ready To Be Human?

Human. God. Two words that jar against each other and yet describe Jesus perfectly. Jesus was fully human and fully divine, which is extraordinary. But He was also normal in the most counterintuitive way: His life shows us what normal humanity is supposed to look like. Jesus came to earth to redeem humanity itself, and through Him, that redeemed humanity is available to us all.

In Sneezing Jesus, Brian Hardin journeys through vivid Gospel stories pointing to a revolutionary truth: if Jesus took on normal humanity, then His death and resurrection didn’t just save our souls—it redeems our human lives on earth, here and now.

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What people are saying

Sneezing Jesus is inviting, compelling, revealing, instructive, hopeful, alluring, inspired and inspiring. Brian’s insights and arresting story telling made my heart desire to worship Jesus and to participate in bringing His Kingdom to all those around me with fresh passion. What can I say really, except that I love this book? By reading Sneezing Jesus, I was changed in ways I long to be changed. Thank you, Brian.

Stasi Eldredge

Author of Captivating and Becoming Myself

This book is sweet, savory, spicy, and spiky all at the same time— a gentle masterpiece on the Jesus story that is breathtaking in its fresh insights and original voice.

Leonard Sweet

Author, From Tablet to Table
Professor & founder,

Brian introduces us to a much clearer view of the man, Jesus. Who, we discover, has a much clearer view of us than I had previously recognized. In fact the real Jesus is a lot like the real us, as we were intended to be. I find comfort that the One who loves and saves me is the One that fully knows the bitter and bittersweet of my existence, and in His knowing I can rest assured that God the Father also knows. It was so good for my heart to take the time to walk the human road that Jesus walked and absorb the intention of His humanity. A simple, beautiful portrayal of our intended and intimate relationship with the Divine.

Robert Beeson

Founder, Essential Records, iShine, and Solo Parent Society
Former SVP, Sony/Provident
Author, SOLO: The Restoration and Redemption of a Single Parent

Trying to capture the humanity of Jesus while keeping clearly in view his divinity is no small feat, but “Sneezing Jesus” accomplishes that with a clarity that few authors have accomplished. Brian helps the reader grasp what Jesus has to offer us in his humanity in a way that is both vividly human, and at the same time engaging and inspiring. We don’t often think of what Jesus has to offer us as a human, and what He portrayed in his relationships that provides us with the courage to embrace our humanity while engaging our journey with Christ.

Dr. Ray Mitsch

Chair, Department of Psychology, Colorado Christian University

Brian Hardin in his excellent new book Sneezing Jesus beautifully opens up a side of Jesus that is rarely talked about- his humanity. Jesus was fully God and fully man. We tend to focus on the fully God. His humanity often seems to make us feel uncomfortable. But it shouldn't. Jesus' humanity is the very reason that he was the perfect sacrifice for our sins. Want to refresh your faith? Sneezing Jesus will cause you to gaze upon Jesus and see things in him that you have never ever noticed before.

Tom Doyle

Author of Standing in the Fire: Courageous Christians Living in Frightening Times, Killing Christians: Living the Faith Where it's Not Safe to Believe

Brian's creative, illustrative use of word pictures and life experience make Sneezing Jesus come to life in a transformative way. You get to experience the tangible, humanity of our Savior and have practical tools to grow your faith. I have walked away more in love with Jesus, more grateful for my own redemption and inspired to keep building the local church. Brian¹s voice is a necessary perspective amongst local church leaders.

James Ranger

Lead Pastor, New Life Church, Bakersfield, CA

While reading this book, I wanted to shout out loud "Yes" many times. Brian, through his exquisite story telling, takes us on a journey through the intentionality of Jesus the man. Sneezing Jesus opens our hearts and minds to the simple, yet very powerful fact, that Jesus has 'been there, done that'. No matter where your walk with God is, this book will leave you inspired for so much more. So ultimately the "Yes" I kept crying out, was a yes to wanting more, believing for more and expecting more in my life and personal walk with Jesus. I'll never look at 'sneezing' the same again.

Mark Rampulla

Lead Pastor, Southview Church, Spring Hill, TN

Bono sang, ‘There’s no line on the horizon.’ Brian Hardin accentuates this sentiment vividly in Sneezing Jesus. When heaven and earth meet, the boundary lines are indistinguishable and Jesus' life illustrates this in living (and human) color. The collaboration between the divine and human are seamless in Jesus’ life and this is what our normal is supposed to be. This is what being Christ-like really means. I encourage you to grab this book.

Darren Tyler

Founding President, Conduit Mission
Lead Pastor, Conduit Church

Few writers can put skin on God, making Him real and approachable. Brian is a master at allowing his reader to touch Jesus while at the same time instilling in them a deep reverence and awe for the creator of the universe. Sneezing Jesus is a must read this year!

Adam Stadtmiller

Pastor, La Jolla Christian Fellowship
Author, Praying for Your Elephant

Brian Hardin has inspired me for many years. I’ve read through the Bible with him and he has preached in my church. His passion is raising up authentic disciples of Christ. Sneezing Jesus will inspire Christians, whether leaders or church members, to walk intimately with our Lord. I invite you to join me in discovering how Jesus will redeem our individual humanity – flaws and all!

Harry R. Jackson Jr.

Senior Pastor, Hope Christian Church, Beltsville, MD
Bishop, Intl. Communion of Evangelical Churches

We don’t often consider Jesus life as normal. Walking through walls; silencing storms, performing miracles… they are not everyday stuff in our book. Sneezing Jesus is a refreshing retelling of the gospels. In it we discover through the normal life of Jesus how we too can live lives that are fully human yet spiritually pleasing to God.

Dr. John Hull

Lead Pastor of Eastside Baptist Church, Marietta GA
Contributor, 100 Huntley Street.

Going deeper together

If you are interested in reading through Sneezing Jesus: How God Redeems Our Humanity in a small group setting, we recommend using the accompanying films to guide the group deeper and encourage discussion. (Leaders guide included)

Available soon.

Brian Hardin

Founder, Daily Audio Bible

About the author

Accomplished recording producer Brian Hardin experienced a mediocre Christian faith until one day, he purposed to read the Bible daily. His resolve led to the start of the Daily Audio Bible, which after twelve years has had more than 100 million downloads and feeds hundreds of thousands of listeners each day.

He is the author of Passages: How Reading The Bible In A Year Will Change Everything For you (Zondervan), Reframe: From The God We've Made...To God With Us (NavPress) and Sneezing Jesus: How God Redeems Our Humanity. He was also the general editor for the NIV Passages Bible (Zondervan)

Sneeze it forward.

Grab your copies today and share the unvarnished beauty of the true Jesus.

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