Comfort for loss of beloved golden retriever, Daisy

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  • We found out that our Daisy, 12 years old, was having a hard time getting up not due to age, but due to cancer. We sadly had to put her down. I feel extreme guilt for having made this decision.

    I loved her dearly. She was a precious pet and we miss her so much. I thank God for letting us have her for 12 years and I wish I only had more time. I pray that God gives her comfort and also that God helps us continue to take care of the other pets that we have.

    Thank you,


    Dear Rosa,

    I am very sorry on your loss. Please don’t let that guilt overwhelm you to a point of condemnation. May the Lord embrace you/ comfort you and know that he sees your tears and knows your deepest desires.
    God bless you sister.

    It’s so tough doing it, but you made the right decision. Don’t feel guilty. Daisy is now free from the pain

    Rosa, praying for you…Father, thank you for Rosa and for Daisy. You are such a good Father, the way you bless us in SO many ways, including beloved pets. I give You thanks for Daisy and the 12 years that Rosa had with her. I’m sure Daisy was a very happy girl and knew how loved she was. Comfort Rosa and let her know that she did what was best. I’m happy knowing that I believe one day Rosa will be with Daisy again!! I don’t doubt it. Oh Daddy, You are ALL that is good!! Thank You for all the ways you bless us and care for us. Keep making us more and more like You. I ask in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

    Rosa, I had to deal with the same thing. They both suffered from cancer. One was put to sleep and one I didn’t even know was dying. Just came home one day and she was in a very grave condition. I just layed with her until she took her last breath. I’m praying that God just wraps His arms around your heart and overwhelms you with his amazing love. May your spirit and home be saturated with an abundance of peace. Be comforted.


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