DAB Marriage Week April 23rd to April 29th

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  • Dear DAB Brothers and Sisters,
    Can I count on you to pray over our marriages next week? Also can you commit to fast on any of these days ? Let us do it on behalf of the DAB body because the enemy sure is attacking many marriages. Please commit to pray and fast. We have a faithful God who is in the business of restoring homes.

    We cannot afford to see the enemy tear down homes, causing a husband and wife to be enemies/ strangers and destroying the little children who always tend to feel like they are to blame.

    It is time for us as Christians to take back what the enemy has stolen and we cannot do it by being silent. We must pray so please for the sake of all our marriages can you please pray? That may help save so many marriages.

    Can you imagine getting calls in where people finally start giving testimonies of how God has supernaturally transformed their marriages? I just can’t wait!!

    God bless you as you commit to pray and fast.

    Amen Sister Shelia πŸ™‚
    I will commit to next week. Heard your call on DAB too. I feel that God is saying this is a really important time for this prayer. I will aim to fast a few meals and will report at the end of the week how I got on. God bless your weekend. In Jesus name. Amen.

    God bless you too brother Andy πŸ™‚ . Have a fruitful weekend!!

    Sheila, I will commit to praying with you for marriages. I agree with you and will stand with you. I will pray and fast specifically for this next week. You will soon hear the testimony of what God did in my marriage. I believe it! Enough is enough. The enemy has worked my marriage over for too long. Hands off satan. You’ve got to go in Jesus’ Name. You’ve been hurting me, hurting my husband, hurting our children and our families. Enough. I refuse to let you have any more time. My marriage and my family belongs to Jesus Christ and He will be glorified and lifted high. We serve the King of Kings- we are no longer your pawns. Game over. We are soldiers and we will follow our marching orders in victory! We are God’s army. We will bring him glory and make known all that He has done!! Thank you Jesus!! You are victorious!! Rule and reign in me, in my marriage and in my family. Rule and reign in all the DAB marriages and families. May we shine brightly for you as you have your way in our lives. Lead us on, Lord. We will follow. Amen and Amen!! Call many others to stand in prayer over this next week…I will watch and wait expectantly to see what you do! You answer prayer! Bless Sheila and Andy for their love and obedience. Protect us. Keep us focused on you. I ask in Jesus Name. Amen. Thank you, Sheila.

    God bless you my sister Janel! Thank you for speaking life ! And yes your marriage will work for God’s glory!! We have many more joining the fast on Facebook and I am sure others are out there . Looking forward to what the Lord will do!!
    Thank you Jesus for helping restore our marriages!!!

    Dear All,
    If you feel called today to pray for marriage please consider these list below. These are active problems and situations. Also if you have more time see the final link as it is the call to prayer last time. Lets make DAB a community of Gods healing power in marriage this week. God bless you all. In Jesus name.


    Uriah – URGENT for critical moments this week with his wife

    Mitzi – Single parenting and wisdom

    Pastor Ralph and his Wife – for his illness and them to cope

    Tuulimaira – for strength, joy and wisdom at this time

    Mymims777 – for relationship to change in a positive way for her husband to change

    Dana – for being separated and protected

    Daisyvreyes – for husbands illness

    additional note/backdrop:

    Ricdantas – for wife to return to God and for her to see what God wants


    Steppingtofreedom – divorce after a abusive relationship

    Bisetalem – husband filed for divorce

    Cathy – husband to turn back life to God


    wjmiles0112 – adversity as a couple since serving God
    iabush – for God to bless and honour what he wants in the marrage

    Marlowe.Frances – for God to continue to bless husbands health

    Katbiz – husband with illness

    raspberry flower – for husbands well being


    Thank you brother Andy!! May God bless you!!

    Thank you Andy. Praying alongside you all on all marriages. In God we trust.

    Dear all,
    I just wanting to bring this request forward today as we approach the end of the prayer week. Hearing the prayer calls this week also on DAB has reinforced the need for God to be in our marriages. I have fasted and prayed and will continue until the end. God bless you all.

    Thank you my brother ! We serve a faithful God and we trust God to help save our marriages.
    Amen !

    Yes the enemy is in full effect on my marriage as well as me and my wife have been arguing over the path that my oldest daughter is leading down and other things. Trusting and believing that God has this but must be patient and take a step back in order to hear what He has to say. Praying for the patience as we work through this.

    dear brother Jon,
    I pray that God by the power of the Holy Spirit will intervene, touch your daughter and redirect her into the right path .
    I plead the blood of Jesus over your entire family and ask the The Lord Jesus to rebuke the enemy . I command the spirit of strive to cease from operation in your family in the name of Jesus !

    Praying for your daughter and that God would be with you and your wife. I pray that the Holy Spirit would intervene as Sister Shelia says. I will pray against the evil. Take heart God is close. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

    Will pray a lot for this Brother John. Will hold you prayer warriors up. I pray that God comes close and you sense his love surround you. God bless your day.

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