Daily Prayer for DAB

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  • I just wanted to share a part of my daily prayers with you guys so you know I pray daily for you even if I don’t call in or post on here all the time.

    I pray for Brian Hardin at the Daily Audio Bible, I pray his eyes are healed and he has no more problems with them and I pray his foot is healed and he can walk without any discomfort, I pray for Brian and his team that they have safe and hassle free travels whether they travel nationally or internationally, by land, air or sea.
    I pray that Brian and his team get the rest they need, so they may have the drive and enthusiasm, the stamina and energy to continue your ministry.
    I pray for the children of the daily audio bible, that when they are old enough to understand they will want to come into your presence and worship you, I pray for China and Max, bless them with the words of wisdom to say to their listeners as they do dab for kids, teens and tweens.
    I pray for the projects of the daily audio bible, The podcast, website and apps, the prayer request line and forum. The Social media forums. The estore and all the projects they have going on in your name, bless them and make them fruitful.
    I pray for the people who call into the prayer request line or write on the prayer request forums, I pray for those who have done neither because they don’t have the courage or faith or just don’t think their problems are important enough to bring before you or the community, I pray they will realize that no problem is unimportant to you or the community and will be blessed with faith and courage, I pray for all the prayers called in and not called in, written and not written. That you will hear and answer them.
    I pray for the prayer warriors who have problems of their own but call in frequently for the needs of others. Bless them and keep them strong.


    Amen !


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