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  • A family friend is really struggling. He got kicked out of a shelter he used to manage. He has an addiction to K2. He needs gods favor to get off the street and into another shelter.
    He is so high and so thin that he can’t even function. He is going days without food.
    His name is Delano.
    Please pray for him.

    Father God,

    Thank you for Delano’s life. Thank you that you love Delano. Please draw Delano to you to establish and root him in the love of Christ. Let him taste and experience Christ’s love and peace with in his inner being so that he knows that God is what he is searching for. God is his balm for his soul.

    Help him get off the street and into another shelter.

    I ask in Jesus name.

    Will begin prayers for Delano in Jesus name. Amen.

    Heavenly Father
    Please draw Delano away from the destructive grip of addiction.
    Help set him free and open his eyes to the truth .
    In Jesus name I pray

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