For loved one struggling with alcohol

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  • Please pray God would help someone I care about who is struggling with alcoholism. They have been high functioning for years, just drinking a lot of beer but not getting drunk. Recently they have started drinking hard liquor on weekends and becoming a different person. They are a believer but making bad choices and seeming helpless against the physical addiction. Their uncle started giving them alcohol when they were 12 which was the beginning of a life long addiction. Please pray God would break the chains of addiction and set them free.

    Praying that God would be at work in their life, and that God would break the chains of addiction and set them free.

    Praying for wisdom and guidance for you and other loved ones on how best to support them.

    Trust God, he can do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine!

    The verse that came to me was Hebrews 13:6 – The Lord is your/his/our helper. Further to this Proverbs 16:9 came to me “We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.” . God is not absent but he is working. My prayer for your friend is that he would turn and see that God is walking right beside him and calling him back to the narrow path. Will pray now and this week for his eyes to be open to what is happening knowing that the temptation is from the evil one. I will pray he is able to see that he has become a slave to sin (Romans 6: 15-23) and that in this he may be able to begin breaking the chains. In Jesus name.

    I pray that the Lord Jesus will remove the veil off this person’s face as that is blinding him/her to the truth. The enemy has put shackles on him/her and I pray that the Lord Jesus will break these shackles and set this captive free. I pray that the Holy spirit will speak to this man/ woman and that this person will not harden their heart. I pray that this liquor/ beer becomes detestable to the person and that they will cry out to God for help as God alone is our source of help/ strength/ satisfaction.

    Nothing is too difficult/ impossible with God. Many have been set free and this one can be one of the many that God sets free indeed.

    Praying that the bonds of this addiction are broken forever.

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