I need help standing

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  • My two daughter -in -laws reach out to me . God I need you to give them strength to do what is right in Your eyes. Help them, Lord, not to take the easy way out but to walk the hard path that will lead them to new life in You.

    God you promise to meet all their mental and emotional needs and I am asking You to show Yourself strong on their behalf.

    Grant them the strength, wisdom and ability to turn away from the arm of the flesh to meet their deepest need and to turn to you

    Thank you Father.

    Praying in agreement with you Sister. Praying for you also in Jesus name. Amen.

    Anne, Praying with you for this holy desire!
    Praying for open hearts of them , and praying for gentle and humble heart in you to shine out Jesus’s love!

    Praying in Jesus!

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