In need of a renewed marriage

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  • Dear brothers and sisters

    I feel led to have us fast over our marriages . We have so many DAB members with marital issues as the enemy is attacking.
    Please join me , put your name down and we shall fast for atleast 1 meal on Friday March 24th . This can be for your marriage, or child’s marriage or on behalf of someone else’s marriage
    We must pray :
    1. Against the spirit of divorce
    2.That forgiveness and reconciliation will occur
    3.Healing of wounded hearts
    4.Wives will submit to the husband
    5. Husband will love wife as Christ loved the church
    6.Tongues to be controlled to avoid unnecessary arguments!
    7.That you as the spouse will not look at the spec in your mates eyes but rather have the log removed from your eyes first !
    8.Constructive dialogue will start between husband and wife
    9.That husband and wife will not desire an outside party but be united as one without defiling the marriage bed
    10. That Christ will be glorified in the marriage

    Amen 🙏 !!

    Please be sure to give testimony of restored / renewed marriage so that God can receive all the glory !

    Thank you Sheila. I’ve been thinking about / praying for marriage, in particular for forgiveness and the healing of broken hearts, and the children/families of broken marriages. I think there’s still some residual bitterness against my parents and probably against God for the whole situation that comes out to play every now and then and I have to keep giving it back to God.

    I’ll be joining you on Friday 24th March

    Amen. I totally agree. Great prayer request Sister Shelia. Got it in the dairy for the 24th.
    Have a blessed day both. Amen.

    Great let us also add our parents in this prayer to help reconciliation and healing .
    Also will pray that the generational curse of divorce be broken in Jesus name !

    I know the God we serve is do great ! He will heal us .
    God bless you all I feel like you are my family Love you all with the love of Christ

    Great let us also add our parents in this prayer to help reconciliation and healing .
    Also will pray that the generational curse of divorce be broken in Jesus name !

    I know the God we serve is do great ! He will heal us .
    God bless you all I feel like you are my family Love you all with the love of the Lord.

    Thank you sheiIa, I will be praying and fasting for my own marriage and everyone else that has replied.

    Amen to that will add parents to prayers and all on here and . Yes I feel we are family and what an amazing family in Christ 🙂 !!!!!
    IF possible i would love to do this regularly for different issues then like this can go back over the site and identify people/Dabbers to lift in our prayers.
    In addition to all those here and of course Brian and Gill I went back a year on this site and picked out sign name, date, and any relevant details:
    Tara Lee 01/03/3016 – God to bring her and husband close
    Lori Consolazio 5/04/2016 – Continued and develop connection with husband
    Email.Lasnn 11/03/2016 – God is with them connecting them
    Tippe.Toes009- 13/07/2016 & 09/08/2016 – husband cheated with friend prayer for her well being now
    Raspberry Flower – 20/05/2016 – Husbands well being and their marriage
    Anetjarose 28/06/2016 – Marriage problems at this time, so for her and their well being
    Sabrina Nsemi 20/07/2016 – Strain on marriage by family prayer for together ness and giving to each other
    Jennlynnace 09/08/2016 – husband moved out, that there relationship would be in process of restoration
    Dalbenie 14/08/2016 – for their well being
    Caoucrb73 13/09/2016 – marriage restoration
    Karolina 9/10/2016 – marriage protection
    Amaduriene 22/09/2016 – marriage protection and a family
    Timlarson4 – 18/10/2016 – marriage
    Nbuchnerjr 29/11/2016 – broken marriage separated at this time
    Elizabeth 27/11/2016 – husband approached daughter in an inappropriate way – well being of the family
    LAvernex 20/11/2016 – marriage is unhappy
    Thermomechanical 03/01/2017 – marriage restoration
    Linda 10/12/2016 – marriage restoration
    George.smith0114 – marriage restoration
    Nissenadam 12/01/2017 – difficulties in marriage wife has an eating disorder for strength and giving to each other
    Suziejaramillo1 – 18/01/2017 – Gods guidance their life
    Jmbrouner 20/01/2017 – husband well being
    Crisanne14 – 28/01/2017 – son and daughter in law divorce
    Lufarria74 – 12/01/2017 – healing post separation
    Patricia 4/01/2017 – call to those who struggle in marriage
    Dmchintransactions 3/02/2017 – wife may have cheated for their relationship and eventual restoration of marriage
    Mibarber9 21/01/2017 – marriage restoration
    Wjmiles0112 06/02/2017 – strength in the marriage
    rfaith – 11/02/2017 – husbands salvation and marriage
    Memiller03- 31/01/2017 – husband believing satans lies and marriage
    Carolrydberg 11/02/1027 – protection in marriage against satan
    Sprague.courtney 12/02/2017 – marriage restoration
    Bisetalem 18/02/2017 – marriage restoration and family of two boys
    Brian.gagnon897 08/03/2017 – ex-wife well being
    Jay – 9/03/2017 – healing for him and wife
    Tuulimaria 15/02/2017 – for protection and strength – husband currently living away
    Ry Koteen and Astrid – 20/03/2017 recently divorced

    May God Bless you so much brother Andy!! I tell you what your labor is not in vain. Keep working for Christ your home in heaven is sure getting furnished! 🙂
    Yes indeed we shall be fasting for different categories , next in line I suggest Cancer , that is another ugly attack the enemy is using; also praying over our children , All forms of addictions and bandages. Think of all the attacks put them down then we shall come up with dates.

    Let God be glorified in all this !

    I tell you the truth living the way I have recently with DAB has been the best time of my life, I feel I have found my place with our Lord and I love it, its my joy to pray, my joy to have you and others here as family. I really believe in this and lives will change and see the impact of God, let us be vessels for the TRUTH of Jesus to be seen and people turn to God. Amen.

    Couple more for Friday – recently added here:
    Rmoya99 – marriage restoration
    Bornagainb123- loss of marriage for comfort
    Carroll.lll – not to be divorced

    Thank you! Glad you are back online was concerned and prayed for you.

    I will join you in this fasting for marriage but also other fastings! I believe God is moving me in the direction of fasting being a regular part of my life again. I am so excited to see God move!!!!

    For everything Sheila mentioned for:
    Linda & Derek
    My own Marriage Diana & Johnathan
    Courtney & Ben
    Melissa & Ben
    Bobbie & Nicole
    Nathan & Ginni
    Rosemary & Gary
    Deborah & Dana
    Chris & Christine
    Sarina & Patrick
    Deborah & Rob
    Ricky and spouse
    Sarah & Kyle
    Rachel Griffin & spouse
    Mark & Celeste
    Jennifer & Brandon
    Sarah & John
    Sarah Hall & Spouse
    Sarah & Layne
    Brittany & Blake
    Brandi & Daryl
    Mary & Phil
    Alice & John
    JoElla & Eric
    Stephanie & Peter
    Beth & Neil
    Heather & Bill

    Amen sister Diana! We need to make fasting a regular thing . Looking forward to great miracles in Jesus name !! Thank you so much for joining !

    Israel & Victoria

    Awesome things coming about. May each of you continued to be blessed.

    We shall be praying for over 70 couples many of which may not even be listed here. May our heavenly father supernaturally start the healing/ restoration/ revival/ make over in the mighty name of Jesus! We serve a God that instituted marriage so when we pray over our marriages we sure are praying his will. Our marriages shall be protected in Jesus name.
    I Plead the blood of Jesus upon everyone that will be praying over these marriages and over the people that will be mentioned.

    For those who will be praying remember that :Through the blood of Jesus you are justified; not guilty and made righteous- so with boldness make your requests known to our heavenly father. Remember through the Blood of Jesus you have access into his presence ((Lev. 16:13–14) May the Lord bless you as you intercede for marriages

    Adding mine:
    Arthur & Sheila

    Please pray for my marriage! We are so disconnected and we sometimes just don’t understand each other and sadly feel uncomfortable with each other (or at least I do) I feel that my husband is judgmental and critical. He never compliments me but will point out my mistakes. We both need pray when in comes to be intimate with each other. We feel ackward because of he was unfaithful. I felt that he was very inconsiderate toward my feeling while I was trying to deal with the betrayal but he felt better getting it off his chest, I found out 8 1/2 yrs ago and we are just stuck. I love and care for him and he knows that. As for me I’m not would sure if he loves I feel that actions speak louder than words but he does nothing to express that. I asked him but he says “You are not going to force me to say what you want, lm here with you!!” So I guess that means something in his eyes ? But what about mine? So here we are stuck. Please pray us for a renewed marriage and hearts! Thank you

    Rachel, I will be fasting for my marriage and all the other DAB families that need it.

    Dear pinkymtz1506,

    We shall be praying for you and your husband.
    Thank you.

    This will be big, I am looking forward to it, all on here asking for or wanting prayer expect God be be present and welcome him. Sister Shelia thank you for your concern, yes a couple of days of difficulty, but Satan will never hold me back for long.

    Today’s Dab someone phoned in to add for tomorrow.
    Tony Southern California – end of 20 year marriage – loves family and has provided for them, correctional officer, grown in a dysfunctional marriage, he has emotionally abused wife, trust is gone, he prayers for a miracle, pray God enters his heart and save him from sin, pray that he gets born again , Pray for transformation of heart and healing in a contrite.
    Will print off list tonight. But look again for tomorrow for anyone else to add.
    Very excited to be a part of this.
    God bless you all. In Jesus name.

    Forgot to say please pray for Rachel and Andy (me) – that despite the pressures our marriage would be strong and never break, Thank you all. Amen.

    Dear Jesus,

    We are looking forward for great break throughs in the above marriages as we have purposed to fast March 24th 2017, may our prayers touch the heart of our heavenly father for a mighty and powerful breakthrough! Please seal us with your precious blood. Thank you for restored marriages, renewals and more love in these marriages.

    Amen and Amen. Sister Shelia.

    I will join in on pray and fasting. I already fast from my coffee on Fridays for prodigals.
    Left up me and my husband please.
    Kevin and Sharon. I am having a really rough time.please pray the belt of Truth.

    Please also pray our daughter is 18 wanting to move with male friend. One bedroom apartment.

    Deany and Betty
    Kirby and Donna
    Michael and Gina
    David and Melinda
    Danny and Brenda
    Cory and Allison
    Chip and Karen
    Jorrad and Shannon
    Jacob and Michelle
    Todd and Breneta
    In Jesus name Immeasurably more than we could imagine or ask You Fatger will bring die bones to life hearts to love and honor!
    To You all the glory Father

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