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  • Just confessed some things to my ex which has caused now an onslaught of aweful things being said about my character,about my morals,my up brining and its honestly beating me down.

    I feel aweful and disgusting.

    There are things in my life that i need to learn and fix but these staments have just beat me to the grown and just in need of some uplifting prayers

    My Brother,

    Please listen to me. You are a Christian right? You confessed your past mistakes right? Are you walking in close fellowship with the Lord? ( if not it’s not too late , just repent and ask the Lord Jesus to walk with you on this journey of life)

    Now remember who is the accuser and condemner of all Brethren? Satan.
    He is a LIAR.

    Remember there is therefore now NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. ( Romans 8:1)The devil is doing everything in his power to put you down. he wants you discouraged, he wants to take your focus AWAY from God and wants you to now start focusing on your past sins / life which can result into Self Pity , discouragement, stress, depression, doubt in God and final end result untimely death.

    Remember the thief comes to Steal, Kill and Destroy. He is now trying to destroy your testimony.

    Your sins have already been forgiven ( if you repent ) . Remind yourself and ANYONE trying to condemn you. Do it with humility.

    Now here is my plea for you:
    1.Separate yourself from ANYTHING that will not bring Glory to God.
    2.Purpose each day to live this life to please your father( God) in heaven.
    3.Stay in the word of God
    4.Know that you are not in this fight alone, we are here to pray together
    5.Put on the FULL Armor of God everyday so you can stand when the enemy starts throwing fiery darts at you ( Ephesian 6: 10-18)
    6.Finally pray without ceasing and always have forgiveness in your heart.

    Stay Blessed and encouraged in the Lord.

    Amen to the above comment and prayer – praying with and for you.
    May you know how loved & precious you are to Jesus.

    Amen and Amen!!

    Thank you so much sheila.tolson really needed to hear that i will try my hardest to do those 6 things. Thank you again i needed to be reminded that the devil is an accuser and that he is out to destroy me.

    God Bless you

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