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  • Dear DAB family
    My wife though 15 years and I are drifting away from each other. There is no trust and very little love left in our marriage.
    I struggle with anger and she struggles with an eating disorder. We have 3 wonderful boys and both of us wish to stay together, but for some reason it is very difficult and we end up arguing. We are both sad over this.
    I find strenght in the DAB, but the situation is getting difficult and I fear that we will end up in a divorce.
    Please pray for our family and that the Lord will hear our prayers and we can forgive and love each other again like He has loved and forgiven us.
    Thank you

    I am praying that God takes you two back to the beginning when you were two little love birds. I pray that He puts back in your hearts & restores every little detail or thing that even made you guys fall in love. May He make the both of you flexible to meet eachothers needs and to find comfort in the uncomfortable. May God saturate His love and peace over your marriage and restore what is dead.


    Dear Friend,

    I included you in the previous prayer request (Healing with my wife) kindly commit to the suggestion and I believe you and your wife will not divorce. Now regarding your current situation did you know that God can heal your marriage? Please say Yes!! Next do you know that even where there is little trust God can restore the trust? Please say Yes!! Let us pray.

    Dear Lord Jesus ,

    We come to you with grateful hearts! Marriages were meant to be beautiful but the enemy does everything he can to make them ugly! That was not your original plan Lord . So today we want to take back what rightfully belongs to us.

    By the authority that you have given me Lord Jesus , I come against the spirit of anger that seems to rule this brother , and I say be gone!! You have no place in the life of God’s child!
    I come against the spirit of gluttony! You leave this wife right now in the name of Jesus! She is the temple of the holy spirit and will purpose to treat her body as that Holy temple.

    Your argumentative spirit! I come against you in the name of Jesus! Be gone out of this home and don’t return again. You spirit of divorce ! I command you to RUN!! out of this home right now in the name of Jesus!! Don’t dare return in this house. You spirit of fear that is numbing this family, be gone in the name of Jesus !! and never return again.

    I speak Power in place of fear! I speak reconciliation in place of Divorce! I speak dialog in place of arguments! I speak self control in place of Gluttony ( eating disorder)! I speak meekness in place of anger! I speak love in place of hate! I speak trust in place of distrust , I speak forgiveness in place of forgiveness , I speak attraction for each other in place of drifting away!

    Thank you Jesus . For you are Power and we receive your promises in Jesus name!


    Now brother , please stay in the word and purpose to glorify God.
    James 4:7-Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

    Thank you so much my DAB family!

    Praying for you and your wife

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