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  • Please stand in the gap and interceed for my marriage. This is our seventh year in marriage and it has been quite a tough journey. At the moment we are like strangers living together and facing alot of battles. We are blessed with 3 children and it hurts me to even think of separation.
    I believe this is our year of release from all that has troubled us. Please pray with me.

    Dear Tabitha,
    Please know you are not alone in this pain , we are standing with you and more importantly God is standing in all your pains , HE knows your struggles and HE counts the tears you shed when praying…
    Please keep hanging on there in prayers , and soften your heart to see what HE wants you to change and to do for your marriage…
    Praying with you , Rebecca

    Dear Tabitha,

    I am standing in the gap for you. I am praying for you, your husband, and three children. I have been in a similar situation and I am seeing resolution, God’s faithfulness and the Holy Spirit working in our lives. Remember that marriage was created by God and it is only Satan who attempts to tear you and your husband apart, it is a battle. Lean on the Father for strength, patience, humility, and unconditional love. Also, remember that you are not alone, God is always with you and you have a family of support here in the DAB community.

    Amen Sister Rebecca and Brother Curtis. Praying in agreement and along side you Sister Tabitha. I pray you both draw close to God in the coming weeks in word, worship and prayer, as being close to God is life changing. It changed me completely from the inside. I pray that God would show up in a big way when you seek him together. Praying in Jesus name. Amen.

    My sister Tabitha I am praying that your marriage flourishes so here is what you Must do . Declare this with authority
    1. Repent for the things you clearly know you should have done but never did in the last 6 years of your marriage. Also repent for what you did and now realize you should not have done

    2.Forgive your husband
    3. Pray over your marriage and start speaking life . There are times people say ” I think my marriage is about to collapse!” And within no time that happens !
    4. Say ” I cancel every negative word or statement that I may have uttered regarding this marriage in the name of Jesus !
    5. Say ” I know 7 is the number of completion so in the name of Jesus strife in my marriage must now end in the name of Jesus !!
    6.Say “My Father ! Please restore back the years that the enemy has stolen from our marriage and renew us again in the name of Jesus !
    7. Say ” I will be the kind of wife that my husband looks forward to see everyday! In the name of Jesus !
    8. Say ” My husband will love me and I will honor him in the name of Jesus!!
    9. Say ” Blood of Jesus cover my family !
    10.Blood of Jesus fight for my marriage !
    11. Blood of Jesus purify my marriage from all contaminants !
    12.Blood of Jesus make us one again !!

    God saves marriages and yours can be one of them ! Trust him

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