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  • Please pray for my friend Diane she is 60 years old and disabled she had a stoke a few years back lives on social security which is a very small amount she can not find a place to rent in the area she lives. Pray she will be able to find a place she could afford!

    Dear Bettie,
    I am sad to hear the story of your friend Diane…
    Currently I am living with my married sister and her husband its so uncomfortable so I understand your friend’s situation better!
    Lord God, our shelter our provider, we are asking for a suitable place for Diane, Please work out all the details and connect her to a trustworthy landlord, grand her a quite place to talk to you and pray to you! Lord I know you will answer our prayers and I thank you and praise you before I see it happen!
    Pray in Jesus’s name!

    Amen Sister Rebecca. Have added Diane to my prayer diary. God bless.

    Heavenly Father ,
    Our providence comes from you alone .
    We ask you to please come through for Diane . Let her know that you love her and that despite what she is facing your let her know that your grace is sufficient .
    Let your peace be upon her . Remove any fear that may attempt to grip her at this time .
    We trust you father .

    In Jesus name we pray

    Thank you for your prayers

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