Please pray for my best missionary friend-Jana

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  • Dear DAB family,
    – This is Rebecca from China and I posted my prayer requests before and you helped me with your sincere prayers! Praise the lord! I am restored and I am in good terms with my dearest lord!
    – Also I invited my Korean friend Grace to post her private struggles here and also a few friends replied her with encouraging prayers! Although she is still in the messed up relationship with bf, but I am sure with our prayers in DAB community!
    – Since I am not working and applying seminary ( Torch Trinity graduation university) so I have no way to call in to pray with you, But do know there are Christian family members in China praying with you everyday!

    — Lastly my prayer for my best friend Jana is :

    She is an American and in Nashville now, ministering Chinese people God put in her life. She has been ministering in Beijing for 4 years after hearing Gods clear guidance for her. And we became the best friends ever since we are so similar in a lot of areas- single, passionate for the lord and unanswered prayers about family relationships… After 4 years fruitful ministry here in Beijing she went back to the states in 2015 also in the Gods guidance. And I heard from her that she has been struggling to find a suitable church and same minded Christian friends there in Nashville…
    1: And I am so sad for her and I would ask you to pray with me for a suitable church to commit in and get charged fully in words and spirit…
    2: She attends a church now but senses the 2 female worship leaders there might be lesbian because they are too close for normal girl friend’s boundaries, she told me she so wanna report this to elders to get this possible issues right, while she has no courage to do so because she has no spiritual supports at all…
    Thanks and love you all! My DAB family in Christ!

    Dear Rebecca
    Thank you for sharing all of ethics. I am pleased for you and that God has been working clearly in your life and in building the kingdom. It’s great to know you are praying with us as part of Gods family.
    I will keep praying for Grace, tell her God the father alongside our Lord is always at work (John 5:17) but his ways and thoughts are not our ways or thoughts (Isaiah, 55:8). So tell her keep God close and wait on his calling, not worry if she misses an opportunity because God never leaves us, he keeps coming for his sheep and the sheep knows his voice.
    Tell grace I will be praying for her. Tell her that sometimes God puts you in a place where you can help. Although it is difficult. I will pray for her courage and that she should go up for prayer at church and in the conversation that follows friendship will be lit. I pray for her courage to share with someone closer than the others at church, when she shares she would know if she is meant to be there or not by their response tell her not to worry about the response tell her, ask yourself is it a soft and gentle response with love or is is harsh, if it is harsh then she would know to look elsewhere, but not to be discouraged. God loves her passion for him. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

    Dear Sister,
    Please tell Grace to test what I say. For it is written
    “Two or three prophets should speak and others should test what it said” (1 Corinthians 14:29).
    God bless you. Amen.

    Dear Rebecca,

    Thank you for the praise Report regarding your relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ! To God be the glory! Thank you also for praying for us!! WE need every prayer possible 🙂
    I am praying over Jana that the spirit of Boldness can come upon her. As a child of God she will NOT walk in fear BUT power, Love and a Sound mind. I pray that the Lord truly leads her to a church that honors him in spirit and truth.

    Next regarding the issue on the 2 worship leaders, I believe she must be right. I don’t see why Jana would have mentioned this if it wasn’t something that is bothering her. Clearly these 2 worship leaders must be acting in a manner that is unnatural! Here is what I would do if I were Jana.

    I would approach the pastor ( this is the spiritual leader so he is accountable for his flock) and ask him ” So where does this church stand as relates to matters of homo sexuality and lesbianism? “I am assuming the pastor will be rather taken aback and ask ” So why do you ask this?”
    Then Jana may say ” Well I am a true follower of Christ and as a believer I have the Holy Spirit in me . I have made an observation which I want to bring to your attention”….. Then pastor may say ‘ Go ahead” Jana would say ” I have noticed that our worship leaders X and Y are acting in a manner that truly seem to be CROSSING the normal boundaries of normal friendships between 2 females. I am very concerned that they may be lesbians so I have to bring this to your attention as the spiritual LEADER of this church since you are held accountable by God for your flock”………………. …..

    Now based on this conversation your friend Jana will KNOW for sure what kind of Pastor she is dealing with… she will know what kind church she is dealing with…. and she will know if it is time to EXIT!

    We as believers should NOT be conformed to the pattern of this world..BUT we MUST be transformed through the renewing our minds and spirit! Romans 12:2
    It is sad when I see people going to church and when you look at them you TRULY cannot differentiate them from the world. May God help us to be a TRUE representation of CHRIST so that we can WIN many to him.


    May God bless your friend Jana! Tell Grace to plead the blood of Jesus over herself. She truly needs Jesus to rescue her from her circumstances. I hope she will overcome her current circumstances.


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