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  • Hello, my name is Susan. This is my first time requesting a prayer from the DAB family. I suffered an injury to my left bicep and shoulder in late October. The result of keeping my arm immobile for a period of time left me with a frozen shoulder which means its quite painful and has very limited movement. The strength to my left arm is slowly coming back but the shoulder is still somewhat painful. Over using my right arm to compensate for the loss of strength in the left, has that arm now very much in pain. There are days when I feel so discouraged and depressed that this injury will never heal or will take too long. I need to be patient and wait for God to heal me and I’m asking for someone to pray for my healing and pray for me to be patient. I realize my injury is still nothing compared to what others may have already experienced or are in the midst of now . I am thankful that I can still do things for myself and that my arms are still useful even though they are weak and painful. I dread going to sleep in my bed because I can only sleep on my back as rolling onto either side brings me blinding pain. God is good and I will wait on His healing power. Thank you.

    I am praying for you. Praying for your shoulder to be healed. Praying for the pain to be taken away. In Jesus name.

    Dear Susan,

    Please join me in prayer.

    Dear Heavenly Father,

    Thank you for the gift of life. Thank you that even in the midst of Susan’s pain she can praise you. Thank you for your word is Living and Active and sharper than any 2 Edged sword! Thank you for even in her pain Susan testifies that she will wait on your healing power! Therefore Lord I ask that you touch your daughter supernaturally.

    I come against the spirit of discouragement / despair and depression! I ask for hope, patience, and joy unspeakable even at this time when it may seem difficult to have hope. I ask that you put a garment of praise over Susan and that you touch every fiber of her being giving her the assurance that victory belongs to you oh Lord.

    In Jesus matchless name we pray.


    To God be the Glory.

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