Prayer for Ralph and his family

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  • Please pray for my friend Ralph who is a pastor. He has been in poor health for so many years now… His life reminds me of Jobs plight in many ways… yet he seems to just hold on to the Lord no matter what his circumstances look like…. He is on dialysis and has been for many years… he has had seizures which have caused blindness and falls…. he can’t and has not worked for many years yet he has not given up trying and going to school. He has a wonderful wife (Utilda) who has weathered the ongoing life storm with her dear Ralph. She is the sole source of income and they are constantly struggling to make ends meet. My wife and I try to help occasionally with financial gifts now and then but feel sometimes overwhelmed by not being able just help them more… so we are pleading for prayer for their family and deliverance. Ralph had to go back to the hospital this week. Can only plead their case with the Lord…
    CP in New Jersey
    Ps. Ralph and Utilda are in Florida


    I pray that Ralph would be strong and receive blessing in Christ. I pray the light of Christ surrounds them both and they feel uplifted knowing that our Heavenly Father holds them precious in his sight. Indeed he will never see them go without, I pray that others would offer their support in the ways they are able so the support is over following.
    I pray blessing upon you for helping the Lords servant. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

    “Thank you for being gracious to the least of these ” That is what many of us long to hear from Jesus one day ! Thank you Clarence for being kind to your pastor and his wife. May God favor you and bless you more so that you can bless Pastor Ralph. I pray that the Lord Jesus may restore Ralph’s health in accordance to his perfect will and for His glory. May the Lord Jesus sustain Ralph’s wife who has remained faithful all these years. I pray that many will be touched with kindness and offer to help this couple as the Lord leads them.


    Praying for pastor Ralph. Praying for you Clarence as I truly understand where you are coming from.

    Father, you are this couples strength. You are mighty to save! Jesus, you tell us in this world we will have trouble, but to be of good cheer because you have overcome the world! Keep Ralph and his wife’s eyes fixed on you. Carry their burdens and give them your peace through the storms. Father, thank you for providing for their every need. By the same power that raised Christ from the dead I speak to Ralph’s body, be healed in the name of Jesus. Health be restored! And to his wife I say in the name of Jesus, woman be strong and of good cheer, Jesus Christ has answered your prayers and lifted this burden from you! Marriage be restored in Jesus name! If God is for us, who can be against us? Father, just as you restored all that was taken from Job, I ask that you restore the same to Ralph and his wife. Today I’m thank you and praising You for who you are! You are Lord of Lord and King of Kings! You rule and reign!! You are strong and mighty! The righteous run to you and are saved. I look forward to hearing that today Ralph walked out of that hospital. Today may he and his wife dance together praising you for what you’ve done! Nothing is impossible with You! Nothing. Absolutely nothing!! Today, may I be obedient to you concerning my marriage. Thank you for marriage. Thank you for the husband you have given me. What a gift! You are the God who heals. I look to you. Let me keep my eyes on you. Make my face shine like Moses’ did so that everyone will see I was in the Presence of the Lord, but then don’t let it fade…I will stay in your Presence because I’m not going up to a mountain to talk with you- You live in me!! Glory!! Praise You!! That is incredible!! Wow!!! Thank you Jesus!! You paid it all!!! Thank You for making it possible! Rule and reign in me, for my good and Your glory!!! Have your way in me. Thank you for the man giving this prayer request. Bless his marriage. Thank you for their caring hearts. And thank you for Sheila making this post and week to especially pray for marriages. Here I am, Lord. I’m listening and eager to serve you. I will serve you as I serve my husband. You’ve got to be the One to teach me and walk me through it step by step, moment by moment. I repent of pride. The old has passed away- the new has come. I know you made me to be a good wife. I will not let the enemy rob me of that position any more. I am a good wife and I will behave like one. I will do it in your strength and by your power. Thank You Jesus! I ask this all in Your Name. Amen.

    Thanks you all Family for lifting this family up before the Father!…. So very much appreciated and needed continually. So thankful that you are all there, lifting each other as well as others up in wonderful fellowship with our redeemer.

    Lord Jesus
    We continue to trust you for favor , protection and providence upon this dear pastor. Please show yourself strong dear Lord.

    Amen will continue praying.
    Indeed this fellowship is great and I pray Jesus blesses people through it and enhances individuals faith in our God who interacts with us daily. Praying in Jesus name. Amen.

    Lord bless your children, Ralph and Utilda are in Florida. Heal Ralph and guide Utilda bring them both peace. Lord wrap your arms around them and let the light of your love surrond them. In Jesus name ~Amen

    Lord Jesus ,

    We bring Ralph and his entire family to your throne of grace. We ask for favor and grace upon them. Lord be the shield and comfort of this family. Lord we ask for supernatural providence from you. You are our source so we trust you Lord.


    Amen Sister Shelia.

    Ralph and Utilda , “The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face towards you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26 (NIV)

    Yvonne Davis

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