prayer for some things I am working through.

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  • Hey everyone. I am, working through some things from my past, and getting some answers from my past, reguarding some things that I do not recall very well. as I am researching, the Lord is directing me to write a book about my experiences, and do to the rather dificalt nature of them, I’ve ben reluctant to do so, even felt like old Moses, at the burning bush, arguing about why this is not a good idea.
    The trouble, God’s not listening. I know this is something he wants me to do, and I just need a more willing heart, and the Lord’s protection, because as I go forward, I know there will be an element of spiritual warfare.
    Thanks for everything,

    Dear Sister Teresa
    Your authenticity can change lives because it will touch lives. You are right to acknowledge the spiritual warfare when you step out and do this, but remember,:
    First that Christ has been given authority over earth. When you stand in him, no evil can stand against you to harm you (Luke 10:19) and what you do for Christ will have power because God’s spirit is working in it. Remember also that those for us are more than those against us (2 Kings 6:16) and:
    “no weapon that is formed against you will proper; and every tongue that accuses you in judgement you will condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the lord and their vindication is from Jesus” (Isaiah 54:17).

    Thus, the enemy will use any tools he can to distract you and put you off your task. But I say to you dear Sister Teresa you have a task and calling from the almighty. The God that made the Universe, that split the sea, that loves you so much he sent his own child to die for you. So in this task don’t be double minded (James 1:8) and do not love the world or anything in it (1 John 2:15) that may stop you doing this task.
    Remember whatever you write about there is no condemnation from Christ (Romans 8:1) he did not come to condemn (John 12:47) he came to let people live life to the full (John 10:10). Remember that fear and anxiety or worry can make us acts in ways that we do not need to because it focuses on what could be e.g., 1 Kings 19 and the threat from the lady Jezebel. But I tell you need not fear evil (Psalm 23:4) because God will send his angels to protect you because he knows your every step and thought (Psalm 139:2). He loves you because of who you are (God’s princess) and what you will do for him and he will bless you for your obedience.
    So I will pray for your strength and courage, Sister fight the good fight in this, and know your brothers and sister here will pray and intercede at anytime, don’t weather any pain, hurt or suffering by yourself, give it all to God by yourself and with the help of others.
    God bless you this day ☺
    Praying in Jesus name.

    Dear Jesus,

    Teresa, standing with you in prayer. God has not given us a spirit of fear. We can follow where He leads. Father, thank you for putting it on Teresa’s heart to write. Give her courage and teach her how to trust You moment to moment. Bring to light what is hidden in the dark. Teach her how to be strong in Your power and Your might. We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. Give her an obedient heart. Give me the same when it comes to writing. May we do it for Your glory and the good of many. Thank you Jesus!! Amen!

    Thank you all for your backing, and your prayers. I’m getting there, and will slowly figure this out.. I think, I hope.. maybe.

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