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    I need prayers to put closure to a relationship to move on. I met a woman shortly after Valentines day and she was all I could ask for. Caring, loving, nurturing, sensual, included me in her family activities and I basically consumed myself with her . She helped me thru surgery and saved my life when I had complications. She did some very special things for me. At the end of July my girlfriend had a “friend” who she said was gay come to town to visit. He was staying in a hotel for a few days. What seemed to be done behind my back and in secret, they planned to stay one night in the hotel together. She said it was a last minute thing and a opportunity for her to have a night with a “friend” to have fun without any responsibilities. I found out about this after asking her what was going on and her telling me. She didn’t care how I felt or my feelings. She said she was going to do this no matter what. After voicing my displeasure for two days, she, in her anger with me, proceeded to ignore me the entire time he was here, being very cold and excluding me from all their activities during his visit but putting the pictures on Facebook so I could see what they did, thus hurting me beyond comprehension. After he left, she then broke up with me. We eventually got back together and in October she told me she was planning a trip to see her “friends” in New York. She never asked me or even considered me if I wanted or could go although included me in everything to get ready for the trip telling me she booked the flight, hotel, shopping, trying on dresses. She knew I was troubled however I never let on because I didn’t want to ruin her trip. When she went she again put pictures of things she did and saw on Facebook and again I was hurt, angry, jealous, resentful of what she did. I am left with the feeling that I missed out and was cheated out of something special. Some of the things she did was stay in Times Square, saw a veterans day parade, see museums, 911 memorial, Hudson River, walk in central park, see a couple shows, Rockefeller Center and who knows what else. I took her to the airport and picked her up with flowers in hand. I had also written her letter explaining how I felt and what I went thru and obviously am still going thru. After reading her the letter, she broke up with me for good instead of talking and working things out like a real relationship. She stated that I had a idea of what I wanted her to be and she is never going to be that person. She also said she was going to want to go on more of these trips and if she stayed with me she wouldn’t be able to for fear of hurting me and she didn’t want to live like that. Nothing was ever mentioned of going with me on these trips. So again I am left with a great void in my heart and the need of going to New York to see some of the things I feel I was cheated out of. I have a deep need to have some fun as i haven’t been able to enjoy life or have “fun” in a very long time. Community, please pray for closure for me and for me to find some peace. At this point i am very lonely. Friends of mine keep telling me to put all my efforts into getting back with God and he will work everything out. I am trying. Thank you in advance for your prayers.


    Dear Brother,

    I pray that God will fill the void in your heart . I sense ( and please correct me if I am wrong) that you have not lately been having a close fellowship with God.

    Please draw near to God. He has his hands open wide. The things of this world may seem like fun and very enticing but the end result is always a separation from God and a feeling of emptiness.
    You have to reject any thoughts or desires that are contrary to the word of God; BUT you cannot do this in your own strength. Only the Holy spirit can help you. It is good that this woman you had a relationship with left because I know she is not a Godly person based on what you have mentioned.

    Take it to Jesus my brother, he is the ONLY one that can satisfy . He knows your deepest needs and desires and he will provide for you what you need and not necessarily what you want. He loves you and has your best interest.

    Please forgive me if any way you feel I have offended you.

    God bless you.

    Dirk, I am praying that God gives you an overwhelming peace through this extremely tough time of letting go. God knows what is best and He will provide. Just trust Him. Continue to seek Him. Let go in peace. God has even greater in store.

    Dirk, sometimes God works in mysterious ways. I feel that this is a blessing in disguise. Better to go through this now then investing many years. I feel for you as I know I’ve gone through tough breakups. I’m praying for you brother!!!

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