Praying for my girlfriend & her family

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  • Father God, thankful for the blessings of love and family. Thank you for the relationships we have in our lives and for fellowship. You are wonderful.

    I lift my girlfriend up to you and her family. I ask that you provide her with strength, wisdom and courage and she faces challenges with her family and their struggle with drug addiction that pulls this family apart. I pray that your will be done in the matters of the court and I pray that you touch the hearts of her sister and mother as they face their struggles. I ask that you blessed them and that they know you are almighty. That all things will be made right in you.

    Forgive us Father of our sins. Give us peace and understanding. Send your angels into our lives so that we may follow your son Jesus on our journeys. Let us find our margins God.

    In Jesus name I ask you and I thank you.


    Thank you my brother Michael for calling forth God’s supernatural intervention through your Praise! I join my faith with yours asking for intervention over this family. Our Lord is more than able . He has delivered so many so this will be one of the many that He is willing to deliver.

    Keep standing in the gap for this family. God has put you there for that reason and your obedience will bring a lot of change in this family. Just remember that God never makes mistakes.

    You have a good Father ( God) who loves you and it is very apparent that you Love him too. If you ask for fish will he give you a serpent? Absolutely not! You have asked for a good thing and I know your petition will be granted. We shall just wait for the physical manifestation; meanwhile keep in the word, keep praising God! Keep up the faith and stay in the race. God is not done with you yet! read Phil 1:4

    Stay strong brother! We are in this fight together!


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