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  • Morning DBA family,

    I haven been listening for over 3yrs but this is my second time posting. I am thankful for everything and everyone that is praying and encouraging for and with each other. I have a request for my oldest daughter Ariel. She is in the last few months from graduation and she is struggling in her classes. I ask that you join us that God will open up her understanding and move any hurdles so that she will be able to graduate ontime.


    Will be praying for your daughter now in Jesus name.
    I feel like Jesus is saying for your daughter to trust him and follow him. Staying close to him in prayer and the word.
    God bless.

    I pray in agreement with you brothers and ask our heavenly father to give Ariel a clear mind as she studies. I pray that she will not be anxious for nothing at this time and that she will make all her requests known to our heavenly father. May Ariel seek wisdom which only comes from God and I pray that she will excel in life even as her relationship with Christ excels. I pray that she graduates and even goes ahead to get great employment and honor her parents everyday of her life.


    Praying for your daughter Ariel.

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