• How may we help you?
  • How do I find out about a song played on DAB?

    We post all the songs we play on DAB to all our social media channels. Wherever you are social, we probably are too. For a list and links to our social media pages click COMMUNITY on the DAB website and then click SOCIAL MEDIA.

  • I want to give but do I have to do it online?

    The Daily Audio Bible never stores your credit card information. As you enter it, it is encrypted and sent into the banking world (highly encrypted with an army of people watching it around the clock). This is typically the easiest way to give and keep up with your giving. But many prefer to use the mail and this is completely fine. The mailing address for Daily Audio Bible is PO Box 1996 Spring Hill, TN 37174

  • Why is there nature and soft music in the background of the readings?

    Life can be chaotic. When we step away and find ourselves in a beautiful and peaceful place, it restores us—if we’re willing to slow down and drink it in. We’ve worked hard over the years to craft the Daily Audio Bible every day with that in mind. It’s an opportunity to tune out of the stress and tune in to a place that is safe and life-giving.

  • Why do you read from a different translation every week?

    There are a number of reasons. Many people have their favorites (we do too). When we read the Bible in English every day we can easily assume that the Scriptures are native to the English language. They aren’t though. The original languages are Hebrew and Greek and there are many ways of bringing something from one language to another while retaining its meaning. Some scholarly teams have worked to bring each word from the original language into English while other teams have sought to bring the meaning of a complete thought—especially when one word can have numerous meanings. Neither is wrong. There is much to be considered in Biblical translation. For example, how would the people the text was originally written to have received the words in their cultural context and time? To span millennia and language barriers is not an easy task. By changing translations each week we get a robust tapestry of the hundreds of thousands of hours of scholarship that has gone into bringing the Word of God from its original language and into our own.

  • Is there a way I can follow along while the Bible is being read?

    Sure. In the DAB App just click the BIBLE link at the bottom. This works the same with the DAB Web Player. You can also have the days readings emailed to you via our strategic partnership with Bible Gateway. To do this, visit biblegateway.com, click BIBLE (at the top) and then select NEWSLETTERS. You will find Daily Audio Bible there and once you’ve clicked SUBSCRIBE and entered your email address the daily readings will show up in your inbox.

  • How does the DAB work?

    Every day we jump immediately into the Scriptures. This is followed by commentary or prayer that applies specifically to what we’ve just read. From there we give any community announcements and finally hear prayer requests, comments and good news from the community. At the end of the week there is a longer prayer program that helps us keep up with what is going on in the community.

  • How do I listen to the Daily Audio Bible?

    There are many ways to listen. We recommend the Daily Audio Bible App. You can find the app wherever you get apps (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon etc.) You can also listen directly from the DAB website player. If you are using podcast software (like iTunes) you should have no problem finding the Daily Audio Bible. Although most podcast players will play DAB we can’t provide technical support for every device and software out there. There are too many. We make sure that the DAB App and Web Player are always working.

  • Is my contribution to the DAB tax deductible?

    If you are in the United States, yes. Daily Audio Bible is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation. All USA based donations are tax deductible. You will receive a receipt of your giving regardless of where you live in the world. If you are giving via the DAB website, you can also see your giving by logging into your account (click the little person in the upper right hand corner) and then clicking MY DONATIONS. If you give by check through the mail, a receipt will come in the mail.

  • I’ve purchased digital items but can’t find the download links

    You will receive an email with links to your downloadable products. If you didn’t receive it, check your spam folder. You can also login to your account on the DAB site by clicking the little person icon in the upper right hand corner. Once logged in click on MY DOWNLOADS and you should find what you’re looking for.

  • How long does it take to receive a physical product from the DAB Store

    Typically about a week and a half. If you’re outside of the United States a minimum of 21 days (although sometimes more) due to the arrangement we have with FedEx and their ability to ship into your country and then utilize your local postal service (thus there is no tracking). For international orders this takes longer but dramatically reduces shipping costs.