New Members

Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible community. It’s an honor to have you here and we feel quite confident that if you stick around you’ll find the place incredibly friendly. You’re likely to meet people from all over the world here but everyone has a common interest in the Bible. This website is your portal to communicating with others. You’ll find your place and a context for community here.


There are three things we can’t do without in our Christian life here on Earth.  The Bible, a conversational intimacy with Jesus and COMMUNITY.  Isolation is a killer.  It lets us get weird.  It also lets us get off course and stay off course without even knowing it.  Community can be a tough thing to find because it can be perilous.  People (even Christians) are capable of doing some really terrible things to each other.  The design of the evil one is to inflict wounds by other believers and allow the wounded to blame God and lose their faith over it.  It’s a very sinister tactic that has worked for a long time.  It’s sometimes hard to seperate what people do and who God is when the wounding comes from someone we trust.  Regardless of this, we can’t survive long walking alone.

Community wasn’t the design of the DAB when it started.  The truth is there was no design at all.  Community just happened and sometimes that’s the best kind.  It’s a group of likeminded people trying to find the same thing walking together through life.  Virtual community is a relatively new development in the world.  This has never been possible before.  We’re not here attempting to replace physical community in a localized area but we are certainly not going to deny the authenticity of the community we share here either.  People have felt free to talk about things at the DAB that they would be terrified to come out with locally for fear of repercussions and the DAB community has been an amazing model of the grace and acceptance of Christ.

Moving Forward

As we move forward together it’s clear that we’re all a part of something that has never been done before and we feel a sense of awe at the way God can bring people from all over the world together every day but also a sobering sense of wonder that we get to be here at this point in history as a part of the global advance of the Kingdom of God.  At every turn we’re trying to push the boundaries of technology to draw us closer to one another and it’s a pretty exciting time.  Technological advances are happening very quickly now and as a commiunity we hope to be rather close to the edge on some of it.

It’s an honor to serve with you.  It’s a blessing to walk together as we share this great adventure.

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