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About Promised Land: The Essential Pilgrim's Edition

Whether you’ve been to the land of the Bible or always wanted to go, you’ve never experienced them like this before. Three years in the making, Promised Land is a cinematic achievement and a sweeping masterpiece. See the places you’ve imagined and read about in Scripture filmed in vivid high definition from angles never seen before.

Promised Land immerses you in the stories of the Bible where they happened as author and leader of the Daily Audio BIble, Brian Hardin takes you from the wilderness to the Galilee and out onto the coastal plain before entering the most holy city in the world...Jerusalem. The history and geography of the Bible will come alive as the Scriptures unfold before your eyes.

"I must say that I was pretty overwhelmed to see the quality of Promised Land. It made me feel like the first time that I journeyed to Israel. After the first two minutes I sat back in my chair and said out loud, “They got it! They understand the miracle of Israel. They got it!"

Tom Doyle

Middle East Director, e3 Partners

Author of Dreams and Visions and Killing Christians

Promised Land: The Essential Pilgrim's Edition

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