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New from brian hardin

The one year

Adventure with

The God Of
Your Story
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For over 5,000 days in a row we’ve been together on the journey of a lifetime as we’ve navigated the entire Bible in a year on the Daily Audio Bible®. But for 600 of those days, I was also painstakingly attempting to bring the essence of what is spoken on the Daily Audio Bible into written form in a 365 day OneYear® devotional. That work has become The God Of Your Story and I am humbled to offer it to you.

Every word in this book has been cared for and loved. It represents the Daily Audio Community (and all we’ve shared over the years) perfectly. The attention to detail right down to the timeless and classic look and feel of this beautifully hardbound special edition radiates the excellence that we strive for. It is not only a fantastic written companion to the Daily Audio Bible, it is also a tangible reminder of the community we share. I hope you will write in it, underline it, treasure it and pass it on to future generations as we continue bringing the Word of God to whoever will listen, wherever they are in the world through the Daily Audio Bible.


The God of Your Story was born out of the Daily Audio Bible community. All proceeds from the sale of this special hardbound limited edition through the DAB Shop directly support the ministry efforts of the Daily Audio Bible.

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Of Your Story

Sneezing Jesus
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with purchase of God
Of Your Story