If you need a ride to and/or from the airport and did not purchase a ticket when you registered, please email tia@dailyaudiobible.com.

If you’re taking the shuttle bus you need to arrive in Atlanta BEFORE 2:00 PM on Thursday, April 6th and you should book a return flight that departs later than 4:00 PM on Sunday, the 9th.  The shuttle will be leaving the airport at 3:00 PM on the 6th to bring you comfortably to the conference and at 12:30 PM on the 9th to escort you back to the airport. We cannot be responsible for getting you to SharpTop Cove if you miss your flight or arrive at the airport after the shuttle buses have left.

Southeastern Stages is the shuttle company we will be using.

The shuttles will be boarded at the South Terminal’s Lower Level near Ground Transportation.  Go to the Baggage Claims on the Delta side, look for the Georgia lottery kiosk, take the escalator to the lower level and turn left to go out the doors.

Someone will be there to greet you, holding a MORE Conference sign.  Please check in with her so she knows you have boarded.

Please follow this link for a printable map of the Atlanta airport: http://www.atlanta-airport.com/docs/terminal/mt.pdf Ground Transportation is at the very bottom, near the Sky Train. (This is #44 on the referenced map.)

In case of emergency regarding your arrival or if you need assistance finding the shuttle, please contact our airport liaison, Susan at 404-216-4943.