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  • I had to resign from a position just before Christmas. I am trying to relocate to the Chicago area and had applied to the same position I had with the same company. Today I received a call from that branch wanting to interview me. They are holding my resume and the position for me as I told them my intentions to relocate and that I definately want the position. My only issue is money and having a place to live. They would have interviewed and offered the position to me today if I could have met with them. My mother is paying for two round trip airline tickets and I have $900.00 set aside but that is nowhere what I need to make this move. I’m asking for prayers to make this possible as I’ve been trying to make this move for over twenty years. I have been taking this to God for this period of time. Thank you in advance.


    Dear Brother,

    I am praying for God’s perfect will as you plan to move move to Chicago. May He direct you and make the path clear that way . Know that even if it has been twenty years and you are still waiting on an answer God has not abandoned you. Hard times—of any kind—should bring us closer to God. Make Christ the center of your life .Thank God every day for the blessings He does give you, and ask Him to draw you closer to Christ. I know something good will come out of this.

    God bless you and keep you.


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