Former foster children I parented

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  • Please pray for some children who were in foster care with me for almost 2 years and their family, who I love. I’ve been so happy to stay in touch with them since they were reunited 1 & 1/2 years ago. But generations of the issues that got them into foster care don’t heal easily, especially without turning to God. So please pray with me for healing in their family and God’s will in their lives. I know God has plans to prosper and not to harm, and He has a hope and a future for them. I’ve been encouraged to hear a few callers this year share their stories of God’s work in their lives after foster care as a child. Thank you for that. And please pray for all the foster children and orphans worldwide. Thank you DAB family.

    Will be praying. I pray that God would call them so they would receive Jesus. Asking all prayers In Jesus name. Amen.

    Heavenly father,

    I pray for this children and all the children including orphans all over the world. Father please shield these children from the attacks of the enemy. Keep these children safe and let their little hearts know that they have a heavenly father that is constantly watching over them.

    Thank you Lord for the angels that you have stationed around these dear ones.
    Thank you also for those families that adopt these children and those that choose to foster them, we ask for a blessing upon them.

    In Jesus name we pray.


    AMEN!! Praying for all of Gods little children. Thanking God for all of the foster parents out there taking in these innocent children.

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