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    Ry Koteen and his wife Astrid, who recently divorced, and their two young children. Pray that God’s comfort and healing come into their lives.

    Diane Hansen who will be undergoing heart surgery tomorrow afternoon to replace her aortic valve. My God’s healing hand be placed upon her so that she may recover fully.

    Laurie Berrios, may God’s word be stronger than the enemy’s. That she may seem it and find it etched upon her heart. May God reveal His vision for her life as she steps faithfully into His arms obeying every word Jesus has preached. Love God above all things. Love thy neighbor as thy self.

    For these things I pray believing they are already true.

    Thank you DAB community.

    Have added to my prayer list. God bless your day. In Jesus name.


    Dear Ruben,

    God is pleased by the faith you are demonstrating. Just a little faith is what God asks from us and yes I see that in you. Do not stop the fire that God has put in your heart because with the fire in your heart , you will do great things for God. Keep walking the narrow path and do not be swayed by the pleasures of this world. Ask the Lord to destroy anything in you that is NOT from him because He has his hand on you and desires that you walk that narrow path.
    God loves you Ruben.

    Stay focused on Christ.


    Praying for the above

    Dear Brother ,

    My apologies for calling you Ruben 🙂 I have prayed for the requests above.

    Stay Blessed!

    Praying for all

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