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  • After graduation, my son has been working for a small firm. He was first an intern, so he expected to work without pay. He was supposed to be paid a weekly amount beginning in January, and he has not been paid yet.

    He is so tired and discouraged. He is living at home, and we are glad to have him, but he has worked so hard getting through school,he has a ton of student debt, and it’s very discouraging to work without pay. He likes the firm, and he appreciates that he is getting experience, but please pray that the firm will be able to begin weekly salary as promised. Pray please that the Lord will strengthen and give my son, Randy, the wisdom he needs along with encouragement. Thank you all!

    Dear heavenly father,

    Thank you for providing a job for Beverly’s son. Thank you for the experience that he is receiving. we pray that the Firm will stay true to their promise and give this young man what is due to him.
    Please strengthen this young man, give him hope, assurance, wisdom, peace of mind and strength. Bless the parents as they accommodate their son. Let this young man see the Love of Christ through his parents. I pray that your spirit of peace will sweep over this home . Thank you God for your word is true.

    In Jesus name we pray.


    Thank you for prayers! He was paid yesterday afternoon! I know it was in answer to prayer. There still needs to be regular salary as promised, but this was very encouraging for him!

    Praise God !! We still shall stand in faith and believe for a regular salary .

    Dear Lord Jesus
    Please do not give this employer peace until they do what is right . May they pay this son what is due to him . In Jesus name !!


    I thank God for answering your prayers. I am praying for consistency with this firm. Please stay encouraged. God is always on time even when it’s not on our watch.

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