Sonya and her daughter Victoria

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  • My friend Sonya is still in need of prayers. She fled California and came to Texas after finding out that her daughter “Victoria” (14 at the time) and her adult son’s were mollested by their father. Her ex husband (Victoria’s father) pressed charges on her for leaving the state and she was arrested one year after leaving California. Her daughter was taken into CPS custody and extradited back to California. A battle is still going on within the court system. She is still without her daughter a year and a half later. I have watched her suffer endlessly. Her daughter is in foster care and with a family whom allows her to date and go out unsupervised. She posts pictures on social media of drugs and alcohol. Sonya’s hands are tied. She is trusting God. I have watched her grow so much in her faith and In her relationship with her boys.
    Sonya texted me this morning in complete despair because of some things she found out that are going on that are just a total betrayal to her soul. My heart breaks for her. I am without words. I know that she is going before the Lord and that her faith is strong. Please help me continue to pray that the enemy will be put under her feet. I know that this is a demonic spirit at work. I have dealt with this specific spirit before in my own life. Help me pray that it will be exposed and that Victoria will rise up and see this darkness for what it is. I’m believing that she will be called home and that this trick and these temptations of the enemy will no longer have a hold of her. I’m believing that they will LOOSE her now in Jesus name. Everything that is holy and pure and righteous willl take dominion over what has tried to take a hold of her. No enemy can stand in the presence of our GOD. I command holy fire to go to her now and take possession of her and take root of her spirit so that she may live and not die. No devil in hell may have what belongs to god!
    Thank you saints for praying and standing with us for this precious child and her mother. Pray for this father that he would be made whole. May he be forced by the arm of god to do what is right. Move in the courts lord. Move in this foster home and in the CPS workers lives. Do it now lord. You are our only hope.
    Every knee is going to bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is lord. Show them your power and your MERCY and your glory and your honor NOW Lord.
    Thank you!!!!

    I love your words and your prayer request. I am going to kneel before God now and read it out 7 times then I will pray all this week ahead. May God move a mountain in this situation. Praying in Jesus name. God bless.

    Standing in prayer for this mother and daughter. Jesus, You are victorious!! Nothing is impossible with God. Reunite this mother and daughter this week. You are able! Unite them and give them the rest of their lives together to glorify you, praise you and enjoy this life you have given them. Heal their family and bring them together. Thank you Jesus! Amen!

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