Teenage Daughter Emotional and Mental Health

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  • Please join with me in prayer regarding my daughter’s emotional and mental health. She has been struggling with maintaining balance in all areas of her life. About two years ago, she disclosed to us that she was sexual assaulted at age 6 for an entire summer by a fellow camper at a local summer camp. She has been carrying around this burden for 7 years without sharing it with anyone. Once she disclosed this information to us, her emotional and mental health started to take a decline. As her mother, I am heartbroken by what she has endured for so long . Our daughter is in total need of God’s grace, mercy, wisdom, guidance and peace every day of her life. She is so hard on herself and has really no real friends. I am so glad that my husband told me about the DAB.

    Dear Sister,

    My heart ached ! when I read your prayer so I took quite a while pondering on what the Lord would have me say to you. May I ask that if your daughter doesn’t know the Lord and you please lead her to the Lord ; Embrace her anytime you get a chance, Bless her please always , she needs it!!

    Please join me as we present your daughter to the Healer- Our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Our Heavenly Father,

    We come to you as our refuge; You are our strong tower, you are our Ebenezar! We cannot get help from no one else so dear Lord hear our cry.

    Your precious daughter has experienced what is wicked in your sight! and this has affected her for several years and today we say ENOUGH! to the lies of Satan.

    I declare right now by the authority given to me in the name of Jesus that this young girl is free from the chains that have bound her as a result of the assault. Every chain that has held this precious girl MUST break right now in the name of Jesus! Every yoke over her is broken in Jesus name! She free to walk in the Freedom of Christ. Set her Free Free Free Free Free Free Free In Jesus name!

    Thank you Jesus for in you we have freedom.
    In Jesus name we pray.


    Note: I repeated Free 7 times as that is how long she held this pain so we have to cancel the effects of this 7 times.
    Just the same way Peter denied Jesus 3 times; Christ had to ask Peter whether he loved him 3 times.

    God bless you all and keep you.

    Thank you Shelia for your prayer, encouragement and thoughts! Yes, Kiran does know God however she has been struggling with her faith during this time. She attends church and everyone loves on her. I stand in agreement with the entire prayer along with the canceling the effects of her holding the pain for 7 years.

    God has placed some amazing people in her life thus far…including you and all those that pray for the request presented on the DAB.

    Kiran is learning new lessons everyday and I am believing GOD is moving in her life and ours.
    I pray everyday for God and the Holy Spirit to impact her world daily.

    Thank you so much

    Praying for your daughter. NO child should ever have to go through this. Father God I lift this young child up to you. I pray that Your love rains down on this child and that she fights through the past. I pray for her parents that You give them the strength and wisdom to help their young daughter through this. In Jesus name…. Amen

    Heavenly Father, Satan is always seeking whom he may destroy and I just pray that Satans continued attacks on this young ladies mind will stop in Jesus name. He is a liar, thief, and he can’t have this young lady. I know I’ve heard so many testimonies of women who were raped, molested, and sexually abused as a child. The ladies in Celebrate Recovery have given their testimonies and how You have helped them get through this part of their lives. I pray that she knows that you love her unconditionally and that she is not at fault for anything that happened. I pray that you will send a friend her way that will love, encourage, and will help her to feel the peace she had prior to this time in her life. Father I pray for her parents that they have the wisdom to help their lovely daughter through it all and help her to become the well adjusted women you would have her be. Father it’s in Jesus name we pray Amen!

    Thank you to all who have prayed for our family. I appreciate the DAB family and am thankful for all your support.

    We are currently taking one day at a time and working diligently to put GOD in front of all situations.

    Father, please pour your healing out on this precious girl and heal her.

    Set her free in the. Amen of Jesus!
    Amen and Amen!

    I pray for people to support her and help her at this time. I pray that when she seeks God that his arms of love surround her. I pray his power protect her and she comes to know how precious she is how unique and wonderful she is. God bless you too. In Jesus mighty name I pray all these things. Amen.

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